Antinous adored by pornstar from Warhol's Interview

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Adam aka Jack Bossi or is it Bozzi ?
Ajay aka A.J. Shapiro
Alex = Matt
Alexander the great the Greek king, that is, or was it macedonian?
Alexavier also in old goats
Andrew Potter
Anos Nemos
Attila Richard Lucaks,
Axel also here

Bachardi, Don
* Bastille
Bidgood, James also here.
Blade fifties pioneer
Blake extreme torture artist
Bookcovers 2 pages plus Mary renault
Johan van Breukelen photographic painting or painted bodies photographed
Boris Vallejo and other fantastic realists
Bush Harry plus 9 more galleries

Camp or Baroque or Rococo
* Mike Carcel in the restricted zone of extreme art
political Cartoons
George Cayford
Ed Cervone
Colstee, Peter also on artNL
Colt, a.k.a. Rip Colt, Lüger or Jim French also one work here.
Corben, Richard and other fantastic realists
Cowan, Jack also on mc5, on art15 and on history1
Craig Esposito

DAD and here.
Daerick Gross.
Delmas Howe mixes New York Piers and Calvary and has own site on links.
digital also here
Dorus a.k.a. Willem Kok also 5 galleries in masterclass
André Durand also here.

eakins thomas
etienne a.k.a Stephen or Dom Orejudos his train story = here and a bikerstory here!
graig esposito also one here
eric torture pix of his friend Billy. A dedicated page here now.

Falco and here, also his alphabet is here and THE CEILING here!
Patrick Fillion, here, here, here and here
Françoise Nielly
Frank Frazetta and other fantastic realists
Frank Frusyna boxers and other gorgeous men painted
Kyryl Fadeev gifted Russian talent, a slideshow.
Frey, Oliver 6 galleries + mc2

greasetank also here
gilbert muscular devellopment
Gilbert and George modern art, also here.
Giliberti hotFrench and Arab youths
Hendrick Golzius 16th centure master engraver

Glen Hanson also here, here, here,
Harald Seiwert
heerdink, Maurice also art4, art6, artNL.
henry scott tuke also here and here
Hockney, David
Hun and also ask for URL of his more extreme work

Ira Smith also here.

Joe T and here

Kent Nigel
König Ralf also here (translated in Engl)
Kenzie LaMar also in sweetart and Modelart.
Kirwan, Mike also here and here
Kuchar Mike

Labelle and here
Leigh Bowery see links
Leonard and here
Licker .
Logan also here, here and here.
Lonsam also dedicated galery
Lukacs, Attila Richard

Marc DeBauch
Marcus, C from Heinsberg, Germany, also here and first painting on home-alone
Maplethorpe Robert, groundbreaking photographer
Mark, alias Roger Paine, also on old goats.
* Martin of Holland
Matt, a.k.a. Charles Kerbs; 2nd gallery here.
Matt the muscleman, also here for reference.
* Mcarcel secret dedicated page here
Michelangelo Buonarotti
Minoru, also and here
MuscleMaxx the muscleman from poland, aka Chris, not to be mixed up with TOF.
Matthew Stradling, the pearls guy, also dicks on art15
Mike Kuchar
Mike also in art20 and Assart (3x)

Nebres, Rudy

Olaf, Erwin more on foto's 5, 21,22,
Olaf, the San Fransisco pencil artist
Ronald Ophuis.
Omega or Ion.

Joe Phillips, see links and just 1 is here
Palanca and here
Patrick Angus now also has a dedicated gallery
Parker, Clive also at art16 and at art22 plus a complete cartoon.
Paul Patterson and here
Patrick Angus and on the wall in home-alone and a new gallery here.
Pablo Picasso homo erotic ? but male nude, sure !
Player and here
Egon Posselt and here
Benoit Prevot here first, then Benoit Prevot also here and here

Quaintance, George

RAS Ray Schultz
RAW Richard Allan White also here
Rex, 3 pages
Rick Chris,
Robert W Richards,
Ron Mueck,
Roger Payne, also on old goats.
Röhm (beware)
* Rohr complete cartoon translated in English

Sacrevoir a.k.a. Heiko Noack
Bruce Sergeant also, more elaborate in art51
John Singer Sergant also in 20th century queer art history
R. A. Schultz aka RAS
Egon Schiele
Sean, aka John Klamik, died at 2:34 p.m. on January 5th 2005, also in artass.
Sebastian d'Amor photographs, also on a free access page.
John Singer Sergant plus on Modelsketch soon
Sean Platter also here and on MC3.
Steve Masters
Steve Walker
Steven Stines, also here, here and here
Sven de Rennes
David Swarbrick London Punks celebrated
Sebastian art based on the saint, slideshow
Tagame Gengoroh
Pavel Tchelichev did a sailor and great fucking here, features on the modelstudy page but has a dedicated page too!
Ted of Paris 3 pages!
Tom of Finland, is in the trainsection at art 18 too, in the bikers section and has a slideshow here.
Tuke, Henry Scott. Also in 20th century queer art history.
Tetrode the 17th century muscle-sculpture-man from Delft
Tom Jones plus 8 galleries in mc

Ulf, digital flesh master is on all 3 dig galleries and has a complete story here

Vagevuur, once legendary queer sexclub in Eindhoven NL renowned for its artwork too
still exists, but lost its revolutionary fighting spirit. We celebrate its heroic history here.
Valentine Hooven

Andy Warhol
Willem Kok, 8 galleries
Ward, Bill 2 pages
Uwe Wiesner

Xavier Gicquel also here and tattooworks are here.
Xerxex Iberica: wow!

Yahoo NOOOO !

Zach, not to be confused with Zack (aka Oliver Frey)
Nebojsa Zdravkovic great Russian light vituoso in oil and watercolor, also here.