drop it ?
Above a sketch willem kok did of me
it was a trial for a letterhead
for my professional correspondence
in the field of my theater-light-designer work
It would have cost me a lot of orders
had I really gone ahead with it.
I did use the image that is on
the newspage of my personal site
and even that was not received
with great enthousiasm everywhere
So I ended up censoring my own naughty bits ;)

An overview of db site-improvements over past years
dec 31st:a very HOT new year to you all. Hope you didn't mind my somewhat modest contributions of last month. I did do a daily entry on my weblog though.
dec 24th:the 11th Bush page is online!
It was with pain in my heart that I blurred some sections, but I had prommissed. Maybe Tom will give permission to undo that someday, his original prints are a lot higher resolution anyway.
Have a great set of end of year celebrations.
dec 19th:updates at hell and trains.
dec 7st:just found out the page about Carravaggio did not survive last years move to the new server without damage. Besides that, his work is all part of the public domain so it's also moved to where it belongs: in the free access section.
dec 1st:update of Beau works, serving higher resolution screens: 1400 pixel width.
nov 29th:No link here, for the first time since ages. Just a pre-anouncement:
a new Bush page is in preparation. No, not with works from the "hard bodies" book; I told you earlier, that would not happen.
But I've been talking with Tom Jones, who very much wants to set the record straight, regarding to some of the written word in the book.
It will be illustrated by never seen before drawings from Tom and Harry's private correspondence!
nov 21th:updates of Domino works, optimised for his fine lines (no jpg compression), on the old farts tribute gallery.
nov 14th:a message I have tried to postpone for a long time: I'm afraid I'll have to rise the membership fee in US $. I will wait until Christmas, however, to enable you to give a worthwhile present to your fellow art- and men lovers, or to yourself. subscribe now, or you might forget. I do hope for all of you across the Atlantic that next year, after the elections things can be reversed again. Remember, Bill was the last president who got the budget balanced. His wife will be the same. Proving the rule of law that republicans are better for the economy wrong once and 4 all!
nov 11th:updates of Ajay and Anos Nemos galleries.
nov 05th:an update of the military appreciation gallery.
nov 1st:an update of the first and third Ted gallery.
oct 24th:bookcovers 2 and Adam revised and updated.
oct 16th:Two modest photo galleries by a young Slovakian friend: Gerhard Sebastian Hámor the free access page is here and the mc page is here.
oct 12th:Stop press! There is a book out on the work of Harry Bush.
oct 9th:just had to do something with the 3rd and 4th episodes of Sean Platters demonic sex that I finally got from the man himself at the ToF-fair in LA.
oct 3rd:a few additions triggered by my visit to LA at Jap3 and at art 33.
sep 28th:another broad selection as general 33 overview.
sep 25th:Yep, I was lagging behind; but with good reason. I visited the Tom of Finland artfair in LA!
sep 16th:Legend Brad Parker was scattered all over the place in many a gereral gallery, but most has been swept together now in a Brad Parker overview with some amazing new finds to top it of: creamy !
sep 6th:The Rohr cartoon on the restricted content server is restored to its full glory again.
sep 2nd:A long overdue gallery on Mike.
aug 26th:A major update over at the Ed Cervone gallery.
aug 20th:A revisit is due at the tribute to the guys who do major reconstruction work with their own body or face as canvas here.
aug 11th: Stop presses: New Bush , well rediscovered : in Bush 4.
aug 5th: some special things for Amsterdam Pride: the parade video, plus the gay artists group exhibition at the Voetboogstraat. Go see it for yourself until september 30 if you can.
aug 3rd: updates on history in HR and seb HR.
jul 28th:a mention of Alexander the Great on my weblog prompted an update of his gallery, much overdue, as it was last done before the disastermovie of Mr. Stone was made .
jul 24th: another huge bunch of updates on modelstudy .
jul 16th: another huge bunch of updates at the secret site where Greastank and likeminded artists are based .
jul 8th: another significant bunch of updates on Leonard .
jul 4th: lots of new additions on the cartoon page, plus a new work of New Orleans artist Roscoe.
jul 1st: lots of new Nebojsa Zdravkovic added here .
jun 29rd: Sebastian d'Amor: promissing young photographer here and here.
jun 26rd: new galery on sports: as promissed 2 weeks ago: the painted/drawn section.
jun 15rd: new galery on sports: first the photo section.
next week the art section follows.
jun 12th: spliced art 18, so there is now a separate and expanded page on trains.
jun 6th: have to mention a major update of the also pivotal (and free access) page on German art.
also added a real new work at Kirwan 3.
jun 1st: have to mention a minor update of the small but oh-so pivotal (and free access) demopage of Bastille.
may 30th:juicy updates over at at pis art.
may 20th:next to Italian fascist sculpture we added mosaics, the swimming pool type, at fascist art.
may 13th:a few more greats by Lonsam.
may 7th:a few corrections and an update at Daerick Gross.
may 2nd: 3 exclusive Kirwans 2 to be e-bayed later this year at his 3rd gallery and one especially for our more extreme section at our special site
apr 24th:Lost the entry to Hell? It's back up(dated) here !
apr 15th:On occasion of the opening of the Vermeer center, where I am currently employed, here in my hometown delft, coming friday, a special collection of gay adaptations of his work by Ross Watson also James Huchtwith and Paul Irish.
apr 11th:UP-dates at Cum.
apr 5th:a few new cartoons by Brad Parker. Two are under quality standard, due to bad color registration, if anybody can repair that?
apr 1st:lots of new impressive work by Player.
mrt 25th:Kyril Fadejev enlarged slideshow.
mrt 18th:new gallery started wih 2007 work of Tom Jones.
mrt 4th:A lot of discussion going on at some yahoo groups about the memory of Greasetank. Yahoo with its strong basis in the US republican party and consequent neoreligious sensorship could never be the host for a Grease tribute. A serious attempt at that, however small, but with nothing of the essence left out is at our Dutch server. Sadly US law prevents me from linking directly, so you have to ask for a password here.
mrt 1st:for the guys with a stronger stomach: bodymodification has been extended
feb 27th:a Multitude of updates on the Leonard gallery
feb 22nd:as he's been elected for our award George Cayford's gallery has been updated.
feb 15th:a lot of great detail is given on a special section of art history in High Res.
feb 6th:Angelo, a painting by George Baker has been aquired by the ' Homo Webmuseum Foundation ' , so it has been given a more prominent frame on its original page. Yep, the monsterdick page!
feb 1st:managed to get the photo pages updated to page 101.
It really works now, so go click along
jan 27th:a great page showing a lot of André Durand.
jan 18th:updates at Beau, wallpapers, RAS and Digital 3.
jan 8th:lots of additions to the trains section at 18th general
jan 1st:Happy new year everybody. To start off, a new design general page with 3 amazing artists.
dec 21th:Still had trouble uploading to the old server of Delftboys, so updates to the free section were broken off halfway a lot. Just know that I am aware, and more (or just as) annoyed as any of you, of some x-ed out images in the free art section. Luckily last nite the connection went smooth again, so there is a new Christmas Splash there and the page about Germany leading up to World War II is now intact without missing images.
dec 17th:A long overdue page on the history of homosexual art in the world of islam has been uploaded. It is our intention that all historic material, especially from the public domain and free of copyright should be on the free pages. However due to the touchy subject matter we have, for the time being, placed it in the masterclass.
dec 12th:Another sidestep: I've been restoring and rerouting links on my own splashpage So you can go back there with the "previous" button to the end of 2001. These pages all deal with queer art too, but just a touch on a more personal level.
dec 8th:new dedicated gallery: André Prévot.
dec 3rd:an update of the Nazi sculpture page, plus: the general sculpture page, which got overlooked, has moved back in place. Plus the promised update of the Roman Fantasy page
nov 27st:Another real live event to celebrate the succesfull masterclass transfer. Everybody is invited to the vernissage of the huge Falco Fresco at the local gay community center @ Lange Geer 22 in Delft at 21 hrs, december 4th. Naked sex- and dance party afterwards till ~1AM.
nov 22th:Yippee ! All still valid users of the past months had their access codes transferred to the queerart domain and given one month extra subscription. Subscribing to the masterclass, now at queerart has also re - opened. Just one last hopefully unneeded precaution: transferring all these codes had to be done manually, so still, errors cannot be ruled out. If yours does not work, just once again: mail me.
Now all that remains is clearing out dead links and setting them to queerart. In the coming days all old masterclass files at the delftboys domain will be cleared.
nov 19th:Links have been reset to point to the new masterclass URL, as final step new members subscription will be enabled again this week, I hope.
Just refound a page that was published poorly here: dedicated to the torture of Billy by artist Eric.
nov 11th:For anybody still there, I mean the clever dicks that managed to get through the passwordtroubles unscaved there is a new general gallery at the queerart masterclass. If you're lost in cyberspace but still registered member, don't hesitate to ask directions.
nov 6th:The end of login troubles is near: The masterclass, including registration and login, should now be fully operational here at the QueerArt server.
registered members could need new entrycodes. Don't hesitate to ask
nov 1st:New gallery of Zerocrop, serving our bear asses
oct 27th:New gallery of an amazing painter Frank Fruzyna
oct 19th:Sorry, not much on serious art news this month (let's consider it my inspiration break and I can tell you it worked!) so NOT 2 WORRY! Meanwhile at the contols here were some kids who found it best to get back a century (to please the old farts) with updating the Maxwell Caulfield fotos on the first èver Harry Bush gallery plus an update of the first Ted of Paris page.
oct 13th:got a phoneline subscription for the masterclass I cannot inform him about the temporary masterclass login. Just hope he reads this and do not try to be funny now; he still needs to come up with his subscription codes.
oct 12th:I'm back! a first report on a great week in California is here.
oct 2nd:I'm still working on the changeover to the new server; which takes longer then expected.
Off to LA though: Hope to bring back inspiration a rockhard cock and pix from my visit to the ToF artfair
sep 24th:Do you remember the old Vintage posingstrap slideshow? Got so much more recently, that another vintage gallery was called into being.
In anticipation of the complete masterclass move, this page has been uploaded to the new server only. All current masterclass users have been notified of the whereabouts of the URL . If you missed that message, do ask again.
sep 14th:Palanca work was added to the extreme gallery at the separate site and the Cartoons page was updated too.
sep 4th:Falco has moved to yet another platform: animation. To be found at the bottom of his updated 2nd gallery.
sep 1st:On this sad day when we have to come to terms with the demise of one of the most controversial websites, run by Greasetank. He hosted art that depicted extreme stuff and bloodhed and gore which is a big nono these days. Why that is maintained for a fantasy website and not for Hollywood has always been a mystery to me. A commercial site that was going to continue it chickened out at the last moment. We here are looking for ways to fund hosting it or a follow up site. I'd also like to draw your attention to another website: it's free it's great: Private Parts.
aug 30st:due to changed settings at the delftboys host the reliable working of the password routine cannot be easily restored. So the masterclass will move to queerart.nl. This is a vast operation that requires a multitude of links to be changed. Current Masterclass members are being informed of how access is maintained for them during the process. The old Delftboys server will remain in use to host the free section, which gets a lot of extra growth space this way. Martin of Holland will play host on a new controversial section there
aug 25th:It's my birthday today HOERAY!. As the dutch voted for the best painting èver. Nr 1 and 2 were not for Rembrandt, but for my fellow Delftboi Johan Vermeer. His view on Delft was nr 1. It's featured a lot on various db pages (but not very homo-erotic) to stay in tune I'd very much like to revitalise the poll page. There's new stuff added.
aug 20th:the CUM page was not included in the thumbs. It is now, and updated too.
aug 15th:quite a few great new photocollages on the wallpaper page
aug 7th:Frantic research over at Verotel payed off; the login problem seems solved, but some pages still have to be checked. Which, due to the vastness of the collection, is a massive work. If a registered masterclass member still finds a login problem do not hesitate to get in touch for the alternative secure way in.
aug 1st:some heated summer reading added to Rex 2.
july 26th:the swim/underwear .
july 14th:To fit in with the recent world theme of football agression and macchismo Martin came up with some great imagery by Ronald Ophuis .
july 5th: a new general art
july 1st:AGAIN a TJ update
june 25th:some updates on both the MATT galleries
june 19th:Last weeks Windows security update may cause difficulty with the password routine. I find all works well again when popup blocking is switched off and this site placed in the 'trusted' folder with security level at low. With Firefox and other browsers there should be similar options, with different names possibly. To fit with our football cover this month, here's a Leonard gallery
june 10th:the Sebastian slideshow has now grown to 225 entries and the most specta ones have a honorary space in the highres gallery
june 5thsome detail added to the history of Delft .
june 1sta lot of new imagery has been added to the desktop, wallpaper and screensavers page.
may 22thBeen talking with Martin about improving the navigation of the site once more. Due to the ongoing shift in what this site is about, the increasing speed that content travels across the net, and thus the ever increasing filesizes and dimensions of artwork presented, giving a decent overview of the overall content here is a hard job and with content ever expanding threatening to become the most time consuming part of maintaining the site. This is the reason that the overall thumbnail page has not been updated recently. It also got waaay too large for one page. Still, an attempt is made to add the new content of the past year here and split it in two.
may 15thThe historic dates overview that was part of the early ages has now been extended to all pages dealing with art history. Completing this has taken over a year, because it was so labour intensive.
may 9thThe etienne month really gets up to speed now, with a splash page and the -singalong- road kings page.
may 2ndAnother repair job was needed as a lot of trains were long overdue at art 18. a Complete Etienne strip in crisp png format was added too.
may 1stFor starters, may I introduce you to a weblog entirely dedicated to queer artwork. Some great links there to keep you busy if today is a holiday for you. Further: may will be Etienne month; some great surprises in store . . .
april 25thSomeone asked why I did not have any Tom of Finland on the site. Although there is a sound reason, his foundation is doing more than enough promotion of his work, there nevertheless is quite a lot anyway as you can see in the alfabetic directory, but don't forget the parodies at gal 27.
april 20tha corny little tribute to eighties artist daerick gross.
april 12thMr Reve's demise has moved me a lot more this past week, so further reading has filtered through to my darkroomdiaries.
april 9thMay I remind you, on the day the great Dutch peoples writer Gerard Reve died, of the page of homo-erotic artworks inspired by his writing. I also wrote an in memoriam on my own page.
april 5thThe visit to the nudes exhib at the Hague prompted not only a splash page but also new additions to the modelstudy masterclass, modelstudy free page plus the 19th Century history page.
april 1stDutch tax returns out of the way, we have time again for a serious addition: the 29th general assorted art page.
march 20thsome color and an amazingly relevant cartoon about Hollywood added to one of the oldest galleries here, honoring the legendary Drummer artist Bill Ward (continue to second galery)
march 12thFound out I never published the page on Falco's ceiling project here. Also the most gut-churning Japanese art is placed on the wellknown separate website.
march 9thTom Jones now has web-connectivity from his hybernation space: Brazil, so more serious things to say in another update!
march 5th:modelsketching virtuoso George Cayford has his own space now.
march 1st:more model army work
februari 27th:join the Carnival live from Rio brought in a Tom Jones update
februari 21st:Previous naked-god-award winner Roscoe has a new book out. As all queer culture from New Orleans can do with a kick (uh stick) in the butt, to help 'm crawl out of the mud, (sorry to those who like to wallow eternally) an ad is added. And hey guys: do have a superb Mardi Gras !
februari 17th:the current splash page takes a stand against religious oppression. In addition we have a new page with political cartoons .
februari 12th:readers of my diary may already have found the page on the photo-paint work of Johan van Breukelen, whith quite a few works for which I modeled myself.
februari 7th:After the christmas screensavers project I felt it was time for some real queer desktop wallpapers, a major serverspace chruncher. The skinnydip scene from Barebackmountain is included.
februari 1st:a significant addition to the third of the Japanese pages and go see the moving progress on devellopment of the new house style at queerart.
januari 19th:the Sebastian slideshow has now grown to 207 entries!
januari 17th:after about 3 years of development, having the new oganisation in place, we feel we should start looking for a fresh feel of the site. Until now the entrypoints homowebmuseum.nl and queerart.nl are just mirror - entries to the entire site. The latter wil for the coming months be used to try out new design and navigation. Mind you, goal remains not to get lost in artyfarty and nerdy aproaches and the first trial will not work on Firefox .
januari 14th:The interview with the very charming and witty Robert W Richards prompted me to separate the two atists that were up to now entangled in the Kent gallery
januari 9th:Something different for a change: listen to east village radio broadcast of last saturday: hilarious interviews with both Peter Berlin and Robert W Richards.
januari 8th:maby not a gay artist, but very dear and influential, so, as it's 400 years ago since he was born, an extension of the dutch page was called for. Also a pic of a guy pissing is added to the appropriate history page. And re-visit Willem Kok's version of the nightwatch
januari 4th:to welcome you across to the new annum, an illustrated marine monsterstory will keep you busy for a while.
december 25rd:christmas present for those not afraid to fiddle a bit with thir standard windows settings. A great animated desktop enhancement to download here will keep you busy for a while.
december 17th:Another last supper has been added to general art 24, where you can also find more of Mr Prevot, our christmas coverartist. Also Falco's original page has been split up due to exeeding content max.
december 10th:the filthpigs have not been serviced for a while, so high time to come up with a new martin gallery (at the by now known secret entryhole).
december 4th:the photo pages have been taken a bit further . . .
november 25th:He's now back to his winter retreat in Brazil, but since the last update in june Tom Jones has been very active . . .
november 16th:History pages have been updated, first one is the pre; greek and roman era more on middle and golden ages too . Plus a new page on the love life of Michelangelo Buonarotti. And everybody in the Netherlands, do go see the original sketches of the master on show till jan 8th at Teylers museum in Haarlem, or at least visit the special website.
november 6th:High time for another general gallery.
november 1st:High time for another Japanese gallery, and if you've missed it: this was the second, published exactly a year ago
october 21th:I first thought not to do anything about halloween, as it's not widely celebrated here in Europe, but then I got in contact with the master of demonic art Sean Platter again, and I changed my mind completely! Also updated his gallery .
october 14th:Cum as you are ! (© Curt Cobain). Here it is a page dedicated purely to one of the most delicious bodily substances . . .
october 7th:homowebmuseum.nl is back online. And with it the more extreme galleries and splash-page archives. Glen Hanson, who was scattered all over the site now has a dedicated space.
october 2nd:A long time since we had an update of our greatest artist. No drawings this time, but some intrigueing corresponcence reveiling how tormented he felt when his work was vandalised by councienceless publishers: see Harry Bush's 10th page.
The homowebmuseum.nl server is on the blink. I do not know yet if it has to do with dataflow limits being surpassed or content limits being violated. If it's the first all will be fine again in a day or 2.
october 1st:As mrs Linndy England got sentenced last week, to take the blame for a whole nation, I dedicated a digital sm art page to her.
september 26th:For a long time I've been thinking about a way to show you the largest work that has been commissioned for Delftboys. It has been designed as a 3.4 x 7.8 meters cylindric ceiling work, so you have to walk around the room to look at it. I've devided it up now as a quadriptic that one can scroll along. It is here .
september 19th:a rework of the RAS page.
september 13th:a Review of the Sebastian slideshow makes it now over 200 images large!
september 6th:New work added to the free access slideshow of 60 recent Tom Jones works
september 1st:New free page dedicated to German sculpture up to and until 1945. Lots of Italian sculpture of the same era is now included there
august 27th:an update on Ajay's page
august 18th:To inspire all dirtlovers going to the SLM in Copenhagen this weekend, a new page with an illustrated story (or 2). For reasons known to artlovers of this catagory the link cannot be given here. Curious masterclass members may inquire.
august 15th:After meeting him in person last week I have an update on the Hun's page, again due to the subject matter depicted, the URL is only available to masterclass members through e-mail.
august 12th:Some huge files added, for guys with wide screens and fast connections, following internet developments onto ever increasing bandwith: a new page about James Bidgood's photo's and the movie Pink Narcissus.
august 10th:Significant additions to Blade.
august 3rd:a new page with various SM works.
august 1st:Big dicks updated.
july 31st:Martin pointed out that many of you have pop-up-blockers active. So for those of you who missed it, here's an invitation to meet one of our great cult heroes in person next friday: the Hun in Amsterdam!
july 28th:In these troubled times we need solidarity: Sign the petition and show your horror, disgust and concern about the hanging of 16 nd 17 year old guys in Iran for having sex with each other. Meanwhile do not give terrorists the pleasure of changing your trip destined to London, and when there go visit Adonis art. We congratulate them with their redesigned site
july 14th:Bulk to chew on for less sunny summerdays: additions to the leather cyclus, and to cowboy cyclus plus Don Bachardi and also Hildebrand, Anos Nemos in art 22, TOF and finally REX, Falco plus monstertools. Finally some very touching and highly needed writing is added at the bottom of the new work page of Tom Jones.
july 8th:Through Martin of Holland's persistance and the cooperation of Sharp and LouisJay over at the TOF-foundation, who finally really did search through their storage building, there is some real new (uh, dug-up) content at the 3rd Bastille gallery, not linked here but masterclass members do know where to get the URL and password to this separate server as Bastille and other extreme artists are no longer allowed here under new oppressive US laws.
july 4th:Quite a few additions on the piss page and also some on art 18 and on leather.
july 3rd:the history project has been taken a giant step further with the revision of the 20th century and a completely new section trying to shed light on the Nazi's attitude towards homosexuality and the male nude.
july 1st:Sean Platter was splattered across a lot of different galleries. He now has a gallery of his own. As a result the content of general art 17, where a lot of his stuff was before, has had a major revision: great new content
june 25th:The summer edition with the Harry Bush beachscene is online. As a special treat there is a complete Belasco beach adventure online. I'm off to Hook of Holland nudebeach for some live action of my own.
june 18th:as anounced on the splash-page, here is the Radcliff gallery, also bringing to attention some of his talented Chinese colleagues.
june 10th:a completely new general new finds page on which I also do a somewhat belated artist of the year 2004 presentation.
june 5th:Seems simple but a hell of a job to check each link: a new addition to the free art startpage: all old splash pages of db and my own site now clickable!
june 2nd:to celebrate that we Dutch have renewed our friendship with the French and threw that so called Euro Constitution in the waistbin I added some new artwork in the ouch! page
june 1st:a colourfull extension with Ed Cervone
may 20th:some additions to the trains section at art18
may 14th:Andy Andy , you're so sweet, and deserve an update
may 12th:Davis Trell did quite a lot of stylecopies and genre-parodies, do smile along with some of his examples and cartoons
may 9th:Kent's gallery was significantly enlarged.
may 5th:General art 25 gallery was restored and enlarged. Also Steven got his own space.
may 1st:Sorry, was a week off: partying in Copenhagen and Queensday right here at home. To make amends, just one more page in the popup format, on leather culture this time. Also ASSart has been reviewed.
april 19th:While a new pope makes his first appearance new works have been added on the OUTCH! page.
april 17th:The various moves of material that was no longer allowed on db has left a very scattered file-household. Restoring structure is taken up. Bastille 2 is complete again. Of course only masterclass-members will be guided there . . .
april 15th:you know I use notepad as design-tool for the pages here, just to keep them as creative and original as possible. A last one in the bikerspage style deals with cowboys or should I say Stetsons?
april 11th:a 3 screens wide image added to the etienne gallery
april 9th:Tom Jones just returned from his winter retreat in Rio, a first view of new work done there.
april 3rd:to celabrate the expansion a brand-new gallery on bikes and bikers.
april 1st:The move is going to go on today; the bulk of the content will be transferred by 3 pm CET
march 30th:The move is really on its way now. Just in case anything goes wrong temporarily: at homowebmuseum-dot-NL , the backup entrypage, which is on a separate server, I can always reach you with last minit service announcements.
march 29th:A move at my hostingprovider to a server better adapted to the vast amount of data this site holds made me unable to update anything here. Hope all is back to normal soon.
march 4th:done something about that other Billy.
march 1st:angels and neoclassics updated.
february 25th:Noticed another page I totally forgot to publish: about the erotics of pumping muscles, that is
february 18th:Been working hard to reorganise the Bastille and other heavyduty smelly content over at the, by now wellknown secret location. There are 10 galleries at this moment. Bastille is split up into 3 galleries. The middle one now gives a very intimate look into the inner drives and doubts of Bastille through the, recently uncovered, private correspondence between him and Martin of Holland. Very touching indeed!
february 12th:Another new project: a summary of all angels and devils in the collection.
february 6th:Filtered dead or lost-in-cyberspace links out of the artists-webdirectory. To make up for the way I have to treat lovers of the work of the most uninhibited artists a new page comes online today with new finds of Bastille. same routine goes for url of this one. That this is only for masterclass members goes without saying
february 1st:Final touches to male nude model-drawing and Hun's extreme work has been given some attention. He is in the thumbnails but you have to ask for the exact url
january 26th:to avoid confusion I thought it wise to release a gallery dedicated to RAW after the release of the RAS gallery last month.
january 18th:a completely new gallery delving deeper into the subject of male nude drawing.
january 14th:For Ron Ferg, NY, another update to the Steve Masters gallery .
january 9th:a new gallery in honour of our military friends.
january 2nd:Sebastian gallery now has 146 entries. Due to ever falling $ exchangerate the charge for 2 months access has gone up 5$ . Mind you: the half year charge is UNCHANGED ! Verotel makes it's service multi currency, so soon Europeans will be able to pay in Euro or Pound
january 1st:The reorganisation of content not permitted under US guidelines has beeen completed. All has been taken off the db server. This does NOT mean we agree with this US enforced policy.
december 27th:Final page for a year, that we Dutch are glad is over; made Xmas-day with you all in mind: art 25, with emphasis on vinage and seventies!
december 24th:Merry X-mas and celebrate the revision of the Kent gallery.
december 19th:Finally upgraded from inclusion in various-artists pages to one of his own: R A Schultz aka RAS. Also added some of his work to trains at art18.
december 14th:The Oliver Stone film about Alexander the Great has gone on release through Europe and reception here is very much different from that in the US, as expected. See the Alexander art-page.
december 12th:The pages that contained forbidden content according to some people have been on the move a few times. You can now find them back permanently on the belowmentioned new museumlink if you paste the word " crap " behind .nl/ New there today is a gallery with the extreme work of MCarcel. Sorry I cannot place a direct links to it. You'll find the password on the hell page.
december 5th:the db website is now also accessible under www.homowebmuseum.nl . How I'm going to use the URL I'm not sure about, yet. Sean Platter certainly is not a guy who produces in a steady stream, but over the past season I found many a new gem and added them on general 17.
december 2nd:As promissed, a completely new slideshow
on the legendary Matt.
november 26th:As promissed, a completely new digital gallery.
november 22th:As promissed, a completely new various gallery sees the light today. Lots of amazing old and new stuff
november 16th:Continuing in the mindset of last week, only an ass update today. Don't worry, the pipeline work continues and that will empty itself soon.
november 10th:Had quite a bit in the pipeline to release, but could not decide what first. With churches and schools going up in flames here I'm in a pissy mood, so only a piss update today.
november 3rd:Not only saddened by the results of the US election, that seem to have been lost on the issues Guns, Gods, Gays, even more upset by what happened here: one of the major Dutch filmmakers, publicists has been assasinated yesterday by a muslim fundamentalist for speaking his mind. see my diary. Here we go on with what for some kids has bcome a fashion statement, but for some of us remains a deep profound painfull but healing and most intense experience: Not only on the original Japanese page but also a major update of the dedicated bodymod page.
november 1st:a realistic scary desert is served on a new Japanese page. And don't forget to vote, over there . . .
october 22th:In line with our scary frontpage may I remind you guys of clive parker's halloween cartoon.
october 15th:Some things are gone as said below, I have tried to correct all directories concerned, but may have missed some. If you find missing images or entire files not found, please report it. Please gif the url of page where faulty link occured as well as missing file, thanx so much . . .
new stuff in pis; yeah right, and monsterdicks.
october 12th:Instead of waiting till the US elections are over and we've gotten rid of religious fanatics Verotel has given in to neo-moral pressure and decided scat is a nogo area for sites they handle. So the entire hell section plus some pages by my friend Martin will be offline in 3 days to undergo major scrutiny or a replacement to a free website, that I cannot even link to from here anymore. (just write down www . schuring . net / euromess). Ironic, that such measures make this content easier accessible instead of harder. Do have a quick look and download now you still can.
more on this at he editorial.
october 10th:another pioneer who was long overdue for a place in our pioneers hall of fame is Mr. body-beautifull Gilbert Hernandez III.
october 6th:Thanx all, for pointing me to errors on the thumbspage. Probably still errors to be found but less then earlier. Do see Falco again too.
october 3rd:maybe not so homo-erotic, some might say. But then, possibly enlightening about the background and climate in which these pages have been breeding. Go look at my hometown..
also Joe sent me two great new exlusive pretty raw sm works, so go see Joe T.
september 21st:started a tedious job I'd postponed for some time: there were two thumbnailpages, one for the masterclass with links working and one serving as a shopwindow without links working. With the new passwordsecurity that is no longer needed, as links will only work for those who are masterclass members. It saves double work in the future, but moving all links is a hell of a job. The new thumbnailpage is huge but the best tool to find stuff within the site
september 18st:Beau's, Kent's and Steve Master's galleries has been reviewed; lots of works are replaced with higher resolution versions. Plus updates at underwear and on pis.
september 12st:News on Roscoe on the community page and more from inside his new book on Roscoe's page.
september 11st:Falco keeps bringing in more great stuff. I could not keep him confined to a general-artists page so he has one for himself now. Also my other dear friend Tom Jones has picked up his brushes again. Go see new proof of his superiority added to the beginning and end of his free slideshow.
september 8th:still continueing on my wave of inspiration: Never found much need to dedicate space here to Robert Mapplethorpe's work as it can be easily found online, but seeing so many of his original prints changed my mind: he does require a sample of pix here making clear what he was all about.
also the bigguns have been (face)lifted.
september 3st:the lecture and Berlin visit mentioned below alse urged me to renew the classics and golden age pages.
september 1st:was in Berlin last weekend and visited the Guggenheim Berlin exhib on Robert Maplethorpe and the classical tradition, which will travel to the Hermitage and Gug NYC coming seasons. It urged me to update the history page on the golden age and make a new page on the Dutch Mannerists etches.
august 21th:felt guilty about remarks below so I made a final spurt for this month : the lecture and olympic games triggered an entirely new arthistory page on the craft of drawing male nudes. Also updated Alexander the great. The film on him is now due for realease november 04.
august 19th:Taking it a bit slow this month: working on videoshoot edits and I'm doing a lecture, a new endeavour related to this site, about the history of homoerotic art, it's on thursday, august 26th 20hrs. at DWH.
august 3rd: revisions in art22, and an entirely new art23.
july 24th: some guns added here, some holes here.
july 15th:added some more to Falco's free access demopage
july 11th:an ongowing project: sharpening arguments and adding new relevant finds to all 5 history pages.
july 6th:anoted update on the work of my all time master is due: Tom Jones did it again; he touched my soul, stirred my dickand got me thinking:
He's not only the Rembrandt of male erotic art, he's also a world traveller. Could I get him interested in an exhibition in Amsterdam? and a season of studying Dutch skies and Dutch masters and Dutch flesh? Inspired me to clean up my guestroom.
july 1st:Hope you like Falco's alpornbet project
Intended to sweeten the price-rise. The timely announcement has strangely not resulted in sales-increase in the last days of june. Why did you all wait till it was effectuated to enroll in the masterclass? but then, who am I to complain ;)
june 22th:A correction after a remark by Mrs Nielly:
I wrongfully gave the impression she does not do genitals. That has been corrected and some examples added.
june 11th:due to the continuing high-euro/low-dollar exchange-rates the mc access prices will be adjusted to $30,- and $ 60,- on the first of july,
so profit of extremely reasonable prices while you still can. See information is on the donate page.

A first now: a page by a woman, Francoise Nielly, and probably the first without genitals.
other pages that underwent surgery are the nips page, bigguns, under-art and a startup of general 22.

june 3rd:again the roman fantasy page has undergone a major extension.
june 1st:To reflect on the fact that Willem Kok's died 5 years ago another pack of unpublished sketches sees the light right here. Thought I had just about gone through all that was worth publishing of Willem's heritage, but a sentimental closer look through old folders resulted in a full new set of unseen treasures. There is material enough for another 3 galleries so this is just the first batch . . .
also new hot issues on the boysclub.
may 28th:Tom Jones has returned from Brazil again so an update with recent work to his free access slideseries was needed; the more as his technique now truly equals the great masters of our Golden Age; close-ups of the last works in the series (nrs 38 and 39) will have you agree and flip in amazement.
may 19th:Added to Martin's page, to hell, to roman fantasy, to tit-torture, ass-art and the musclebeach just opened for the season.
may 14th:Restructuring further! Not worth mentioning but on the lobby page a new simpler on-mouse-over script has our boys jumpin, the mc textdirectory has had a preliminary update.
Also found out I forgot to upload an update for Palanca's free access page for a while. Did now.
may 10th:Restructuring the thumbnailpreviews laid bare quite some conflicts of content. This urged updates to monsterdicks, gun in pocket and general 21.
may 9th:Lament:
why does time needed for managing the directories increase exponentially when content grows?
may 8th:Restructuring the thumbnailpreviews. Thumbs in the masterclass will for now not be updated, as sufficient search options remain there. The lobby's preview-thumbs underwent a final update in the old format, it now shows 200 galleries and over 6 meg in thumbed content, all on ONE page (INSANE!).
may 1st:Theo van den Boogaard is feature artist this month. He also shows up in this: something different, I called it "visit to the home of a very good friend". Surprising works of Salvatore Dali there! All artwork on the walls enlarges, of course.
april 24th:Just rediscovered an interesting page, where I tried to find out what exactly is the most popular erotic artwork. Yes, granted, it's preprogrammed by me, only accessible for mc subscribers, but still, the favorite artwork poll could give interesting answers. To give it a better restart I added amongst others Tom of Finland, and Roscoe
april 22th:the major upset caused by the server-replacement this monday has been repaired. All Verotel scripts have been replaced, checked and found in fine working order, so you can once again subscribe to the masterclass in a secure way.
april 21th:finally the long expected Greek and Roman fantasy page is online.
april 20th:The server problem also caused a reset of the Verotel processing of new passwords (registered ones are not affected), So wait a day or two, until I hoist the go-ahaid flag here, to subscribe to the masterclass again. To make up for it, now is a good time to point to updates of the : the Greek/Roman, Middle Ages and Renaissance homo-art-history pages, as well as new discussions added to the Community page, all freely accessible.
april 19th:Regrettably, db was offline 2 days due to a server-malfunction. To make up for it: the Bill Ward Gal has been updated.
april 11th:a lttle easter eggs present: the Matt gallery has been expanded and split up in Matt 1 and Matt 2.
april 5th:Spring and optimism: I'm overjoyed, a dear friend of mine with great craftmanship has produced a great parody with the most impressive tribute to Harry Bush to date. WOW !
The Sebastian gallery has reached it's 100th slide
A new various artists page is online
march 28th:New page in the previewsection on bondage.
march 26th:I have not been completely demotivated or paralised of late, just forgot to mention I did a slideshow on a great russian artist .
Also forgot to mention updates on underwear ! and on assart, 18, 19, artKent, and artHell.
march 15th:Hi guys, suffered a flue spell, but in theater we have this rule: work goes on; there's just one excuse for not showing up, that's when you're dead. So I kept at-it and added a section titled let me be your underwear.
also an interesting fact update done on art 17.
march 9th:Stop the presses ! A new Harry Bush find on Bush 10 is up !
march 5th:Pre announcement from below is now final, also the promissed page on Roscoe is up. It's just a taster-page, as he has his major work online at gaysketch and handjobs.
march 2nd:server side FTP problem kept me from updating a few days. seems solved for now, so updates and corrections at the golden age, 20th century, gun in the pocket, bodymodification, ass art galleries .
can also pre-announce a new page on the concepts of hell and after that, you guessed it a page on VANILLA! (and one on MONSTERTOOLS)
februari 26th:For Ron Ferg, NY, a small update to the Steve Masters gallery .
februari 23th:the ever expanding content of the site sometimes makes me forget the original friends it started out with. You must all know this is not intentional, NO WAY ! To make up for it Tom has had some specta additions. Just revisit the slideshow.
februari 21th:the former Soviet Union now brings us a flow of gay themed artistry that is a revolution in itself. One of the great TALENTS that cannot be ignored any longer here is Kyril Fadeev! enjoy.
februari 17th:Been working on the upcoming splash pages, the pages this website opens up with. The artwork on it has had special attention since it started to refresh monthly with the redesign of db in june last year. You're in for some amazing surprises in the coming months . . . You can now click back from this month till the first one with links at the bottom
februari 13th:Oh dear . . . Hope this goes right. Better be safe then sorry so today I stick to a religious theme. The recent surge in attention at M-A-T was a good opportunity to update the Saint Sebastian slideshow; freely accessible !
februari 11th:Sometimes when you think the book on an artist who deceased a few decennia ago can be closed for good, new finds do crop up. Today both Martin and myself re-discovered an original Bastille !
februari 3rd:Updated the page of good old Etienne; also added an image of him here. newstuff too on Martin of Holland and Jean Cocteau, the heroic 'pure line' pioneer. As I was working over my classix, I also did his US contemporary Paul Cadmus.
januari 28th:Busiest month thusfar: despite the access-routine changeover, apart from the new pages so many renewed: like assart, online now for a few weeks, but already updated so revisit , or pissart, shitart2 and the last 2 general pages have a theme-finale now: art18 on trainspotting and art19 on hot pants, all updated and the strongest bunch of pages to be found here yet
januari 26th:Bits added to Kent's page. Appears there are 2 other artists there
A new sliding page for Tom Jones coz he's just as dear to me as when I started these pages, but so much stronger as a painter
januari 25th:Especially for long time fan Daniel, an update to the Steve Masters gallery (thanx Martin for scans). Good that some people do treasure their archives
januari 22th:You may say I took my time to present a new general gallery. Indeed, but this one has a great theme: "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me". Yes, it's pants on dresscode in there
januari 20th:Not much in the field of new discoveries to report on Willem Kok's work but miracles still happen: see on the page called willem's oils and guaches!
januari 15th:The new access routine seems to work just fine. So I gan give you the go ahead to try it out. Further: 50 different Sebastians run in a (free section) slideshow. I'd like to link it to the modern day torture-life-death-pain-suffering-surrender-soar-extacy page called body modification, but that one's in the masterclass! For you extremists: on my own workpage some video fragments are new online.
januari 12th:Almost there: a new access routine,set up in just 3 days, the guys at Verotel are amazing. It all still runs from the old donate page. Do give me a few more days for testing the routines; by this weekend all will run like clockwork. Current subscribers are not affected.
januari 9th:If you considered getting a password to the masterclass, just wait a few days, as the payment routines are changing the 2nd and 3rd week of januari: For the how and why read the editorial. All current passwordholders will not be affected and content updates will continue as usual, like today: a new Bush find on HB10.
januari 5th:Old Farts page updated.
januari 3rd:Only some new pix added to the free access photo-section as I just refound the webpresence of my old projetX hero LOGAN ! just go to the links page.
december 29th:as the year draws to a close I finalised some stuff in the hell section PISart is complete now. Also a second scatpage has develloped far enough to air it, as has a page on the theme of Bodymodification
december 26th:spent this day completing a pretty religious page, for my doing, about the most beautifull bodypart we men have been fitted with.Go explore it in depth and width with me on ASSart.
december 22nd:Updated the boysclub-page.
december 21st:Merry christmas everybody. I just returned from the theatertour I was on and resumed rapping up the year here by declaring Roscoe artist of the year. HOORAAAY ! Only I don't have any rights to his work, most can be seen on golden boys usa and on GaySketch.com, but you can see why he's so good on the pis page, and on the delftboys-entry-page for this week and the coming new year's edition. Main reason is, frankly: his sketches seem so close to the late Willem Kok's, the guy who got my interest in this field started.
december 7th:The preview-pagethumbnails have been brought in-sinc with the real one within the masterclass; as it's a lot of work and finetuning this only gets done twice a year, but now all non-subscribers can peek at ALL (well most) miracles inside the masterclass again.
A real classic artist who's gallery was long overdue has been done justice: Paul Cadmus.
december 1st:The real job-duty calls so there may be a delay in response to donations or a full mailbox till december 12th, don't worry: nothing can get lost and I'll get onto it a.s.a.p. Meanwhile get yourself pissed real good!
november 26th:some more work on the heavyduty section: some new or improved scans have been added to Bastille pages.
november 21th:Been to 2 exhibitions resulting in a new page about untrawrong neo art, and me contemplating buying the original of a work by Johan van Breukelen, a silver gold boy on red stairs on view here at a new assart gallery in the new gates of hell department Of course Johan's work was online all along on the page on Dutch artists.
november 17th:Some more stuff with free acces: 2 pages of Paul Patterson, as he has decided to sell of his originals stock; a page on Latin-Lover and Feetman Palanca, and one on the erotic works of dear old Andy Warhol.
november 10th:Open the Champagne,
or have a pissdrink with me as we celebrate the opening of a whole new department, well . . . some of it was already here but now a special section opened it's asscheeks for all the extremists amongst the clientèle: the Gates of Hell have been opened officially ! Martin of Den Haag (Holland), Bastille, Joe from Littlerock, and myself are just the first to move in, but there are more on their way
november 5th:Updates to Matt's gallery plus a 17th general gallery just uploaded, plus some new subscription options.
november 2nd:Halloween behind us, time for a new treat for everybody, so freely accessible: Paul Patterson jjyyhheaaahhh ! !
also new montages at Bush's 10th gallery.
october 31th:I'm a sucker for hairy smelly asses so an update for the Roger works in art6 was long overdue, thanx Martin and have fun with your guest next week ;)
october 30th:another month gone, so image-rotation-day over at my private pages. Did not do much about Tom Jones lately. He's back from his trip to Mexico and has started exporting his art to IRAQ! read and see all about it all the way at the end of his slideshow.
october 28th:rest of the slideshows done: themehumsbs, the vagevuur breakfast room walls, all reworked and sliding on XP-pc's now. Tom Jones's previewpage and as bonus a brandnew one by T.O.F. Plus new stuff added to Bush 1, 5, 8, 9, 10
october 25th:more done: finally found a javascript slide that has the same functions as the old applet I used so for everybody on windows XP look at the corethumsbs, and see how they always were on earlier windows versions or lynux/apple machines. Also the gates of hell, are under devellopment. Paul Pattersons new work is there in a HUGE resolution! It smells too ;) pfew.
and don't forget the Halloween cartoon by Clive Parker
october 21th:a lot done: new general 18, and updates for community, frey 5, sweet art, general 10, pfew.
october 19th:some reconstructionwork on Bush 8.
october 17th:Lots of problems with my connection. Huge cranes (manned (?¿) by gorgeous boys) all around my house have put in a double pipes system separating rainwater and sewage in the Oostsingel and Vermeerstreet. But it seems the glassfibrecable is still intact and came back to life this morning. Problem seems to be the servers at Wanadoo headquarters.
anyway, if the handling of donations passwordsforwarding goes slow, this is the cause.
New are an alfabetic artistlisting and slideshowtours, you'll find at the bottom of the navigation-options-list on the mc-entrypage. I'm also digging up all defunct java applets still around as they no longer work standard in windows xp.
october 15th:I started work on an alfabetic directory. Sounds simple, but a HUGE project if you want to do it right.
straight away I noticed that I never did a page on Adam, so I had to do that too !
october 14th:A new discovery of a Bush work is always a stop the presses and sound the trumpets event ! on display in the 10th Bush galley page.
The upcoming film has triggered me to set up a page on the great inspirational value of Alexander the great
october 12th:Got a lot done this weekend: an upgrade of the spank pages, additions to MC6 and Marc DeBauch, slime, if you dare, and to top it off: also pretty scary, a Halloween cartoon.
working on a seperate section for all the extreme stuff, so that everybody who's not particularly charmed by it can bypass it more easily. It's to be called armageddon or at the gates of Hell.
october 10th:To get the historic perspective right I upgraded the work of Steve Masters from a hidden spot on a general art page to a proper gallery of his own.
october 3rd:finally just one ' whatsnew ' page: as the links into mc-pages will not work anyway I no longer have to bother doing this page double. For this weekend enjoy the 16th general art page.
september 26th:just a reminder: the old password will no longer work next month, so just one more week left to get a discount on access for the rest of this year
also quite an impressive little tribute to Don Bachardi.
september 24th:updates to the spankpage.
september 19th:learnt from past errors, so before I connect the new pc up let's upload all recent work: like the fotoart pages on the occasion of the exhibit1ion of Erwin Olaf in the Groninger Museum, and HEY YOU passer by: that gallery happens to be in the FREE ACCESS area!
In the old days the java used to shake and shudder the pentium II's but weve come along way since then so here's another slideshow with 50+ great vintage 'porn' fotographs
september 15th:The new passwordgate is functioning; To get the feel for it you can try it out until the end of the month It gives access to one very special treat!
september 14th:Miraculously sweet sunny sunday, yet I stayed in to get another page done on Mike Kuchar
september 13th:did some rework on the oldgoat page and added great works by Roger Payne, including one I aquired myself!
september 12th:did some rework on the digital page and added great works by ULF!
september 10th:Got the machine back; (one of the) problem(s) was the C-drive, so I'm on a new one and guess what: all of "my documents" was retrieved, so here's the long overdue Etienne page !
september 9th:Because of the crash mentiond below, there are lots of things I can't continue right now, so I just made a page on Tom of Finland
september 8th:Had to happen oneday; a crash made me lose the prepared page on Etienne, will not know untill wednesday if the C-drive content can be recovered. Meanwhile I did restore and add to the page on Marc DeBauch, which luckily was already in the backup-PC.
august 29th:The Yahoo changes have given us all headaches. As lots of courageous guys are stuggling on there to keep images online there, I'm just glad that in here it's an oasis of peace and quite. Two new galleries to report, closing the gap between the historypages and modern day artists: blade (or bate) and George Quaintance (follows this weekend).
august 10th:New Rex page is added I suggest a revisit of all 3 here
next project is the top 10 of your favorites.
august 6th:The London trip has resulted in at least one new page about Ron Mueck (don't forget the e in his name).
Oh yuah, a new various page is finished. The bottom half is an unpaid advertisement for adonis art in London. Whenever you're in the area do NOT miss it. A great experience !
and now the great news:
new stuff added to the latest Harry Bush page!
july 31st:A few images added to Hildebrant.
july 27th:New frontcover to celebrate the history pages, I'll have my summerbreak now if you don't mind . . .
july 23th:Fantastic Realism those great cartoons may not be flooded with homo sex, they do have a whole group of artists that can draw male bodies like nobody else
july 12th:The historypages are coming along just fine; working my way back from the greeks I've now gotten to the neoclassicals. A lot of research to be done for 19th and 20th century. This is a work in progress, but the first 4 galleries go online today, modem permitting.
july 6th:Rex2 up 2!
july 4th:worked 14 hours on the completion of the 4th and 5th frey gallery.
Kuchar's cartoon is completed too, remarkable as it has no happy end.
july 1st:as promissed Willem oils and his boyscouts are up
june 13th:great Japanese cartoon Not for the Squeemish !
may 22th:Ajay and the nipple page are enlarged and updated
Bill Ward and the-old-goats got their own pages there too.
may 16th:if anybody belongs on the delftboys pages, it's Willem Tetrode.
ALso, the last Tom Jones page is updated and a sliding show on wrestling, brazilian sweets and the best North Carolina offers is online.
may 6th: The may splash page of my private website features a new portrait of Pim Fortuyn just bought, done by Belgian artiste M. Dewilde, now one year ago he was assasinated.
may 1st: lots of new Harry Bush stuff surfaced so a 9th and 10th Bush page simultaneously
april 25th:Have a look at what happened over at Black Sun in Switserland: Some of what is declared illegal there of course immediately got a free-access space. here
april 14th: lots of discussions with illustrations added to boys-club-page, and the masterclass, of course.
march 14th: Franco, for those into spanking.
Also a page on Ira Smith has been added
march 9th: New in the free section is Josman's Wild & Raunchy Son. As lots of people had problems downloading from his own site he gave me permission to mirror it.
march 3rd: The fistvideo that had a dead link for a while is now again accessibe and so is a raw demo for a yet to be released Vagevuur scatmovie. Surely the most groundbreaking they ever did, as even there it was running up against resistance!

to art9 has been added an extra image by Paul Patterson
februari 16th: new at the bottom of art 10 some pretty gruelling images have been added.
On the same theme 4 new images have been added to Willem's heavier work gallery.
februari 2nd: new romantics gallery (art 11 general),
plus a new page on Malqetta.
Updates on Carravagio's page, the neoclassic nudes,
and after I've been seriously reprimanded I corrected the backgroundcolour on the Dutch page to more seriously represent my countries 'National Colour'.
januari 28th: 2 new finds in Harry Bush page nr. 8 !
januari 13th: ultimately extreme torture drawings by Blake
and the Lukacs gallery has a new extension with 10 extra images.
januari 5th: Frey bikeboy cartoon, a supplement of the bookcover pages.
december 25th:a page on artworks inspired by the Netherlands most famous writer, Gerard Reve, has been added to the Dutch section
I keep trying to improve and adhere to your wishes, time allowing.

Delftboys to me still is all about realizing dreams and living them . . .
, my personal site, with darkroomdiary and webcam
dwh, local gay communitycenter
www.delftboys.com, the art center