drop it ?

Above a sketch willem kok did of me
it was a trial for a letterhead
for my professional correspondence
in the field of my theater-light-designer work
It would have cost me a lot of orders
had I really gone ahead with it.
I did use another Willem image for quite
some time in the more tolerant eighties
and even that was not received
with great enthousiasm everywhere
So I ended up censoring my own naughty bits ;)

New territories recently explored on the db mc pages :
oct 1st:the new plan with a daily cross-platform entry has started and shows up from here !
sep 21th:as many other publishers, we've been looking for a format that fits with new technology as well as our specific needs, and we think we found it (for the moment) : the website html 5 architecture now caters for phones, tablets, laptops, and supersized smart tv's. No we're not yed doing 4K (4096 × 2160) or 8K (7.680 × 4.320 pixels), but we will deliver HD content in the 1080i format, which will look supersharp on your tv screen too. And occasionally do audio and video as well. The standard page, online unrestricted, will show the progress with a new work daily, but masterclass members not only can click their fav works together on a cross-platform slideshow, but get additional information about the work and relevant links placing it in context. The thumb page that will be allive and soaring from october 1st is already in preview here : I'm sooooo exited !
sep 14th:Leading up to what may be called a minor relaunch on october 1st, I already wrote a new editorial !
sep 7th:After a long summer recess, the 1st in 10 years here, and a rethink of the db-queerart concept, on which more in coming weeks, an all new 55th gallery !
sep 1st:the only thing that went on all through summer were the db/queerart frontpages, the last one on Domino, but do click back the summer ones
aug 1st:new db frontpage dedicated to (lack of) summerfun here !
jul 1st:new db frontpage dedicated to Ton of Holland is here !
jun 1st:new db frontpage dedicated to Benoit Prevot is here !
may 6th:this thursday as a start of Fetishprode A'dam I'll be doing an improved videolecture on the art of REX at Gays & Gadgets, preceeded at 19h00 by a history of fetish and introduction to Mr Leather A'dam the day after at Club Fuxxx by Pieter Claeys ! for details see the weblog
may 1st:new db frontpage dedicated to Domino here !
apr 23rd:With the coronation af a new Dutch king imminent, loads of royal queer arthistory on the weblog.
apr 12th:to celebrate the pioneer of scatparties and the 1st one to be held for a decade in the low countries this saTURDay in Antwerp some great artworks by the Hun, Mcarcel and Martin of Holland at the weblog.
apr 6th:on the weblog look at the works on alcohol induced homosexuality in Dutch agricultural and fishery regions, by Nils van Burght, on display this month at Buitenplaats Groningen.
apr 1st:To pay respect to the founder of BME who passed away last month the db frontpage is dedicated to the art of bodymodification.
mrt 25th:a nice little overview of sailors here
mrt 18th:Robert W Richards was featured in the mastertclass galleries almost since the start, but due to this months splashpage, a new gallery was long overdue!
mrt 7th:New York City this month also celebrates the main annual kink fetish event of the USA, the Black party, which in turn celebrated REX at the GLBT center. See the weblog.
mrt 1st:overfilled new splash page, on NYC, Liza, parties, sex and the stylish art of Robert W Richards
feb 14th:In the USA there are just 2 places where you can worship original homo erotic art. This month they combined forces with an exhib in NYC. see the 17-2 entry of the weblog.
feb 7th:from next month the db queerart masterclass will present an (almost) daily new work
feb 1st:Gorgeous and different new splash page, for the 1st time giving the Golden God award to a moviemaker
jan 24th:An indictment to Dutch justice and the lack of cultural historic knowledge and respect there, on todays weblog entry, Dedicated to Dutch renaissance artist Goltzius, filmer Peter Greenaway and a modern day queer artist like Bernard.
jan 20th:overlooked and corrected the links leading to the scat section, which had not been checked since Martin of Holland died last year.
jan 7th:to illustrate the depth and scope of bodymod art, as referred to on the weblog some not for the fainthearted images. Mind you, a first gallery on the subject is here and there's also a 2nd gallery.
jan 1st:read up on the changes for 2013 on db/queerart on new years eve at the ediorial page. And find a glorious new splash-page, to show the direction we're moving in 2013.
dec 26th:It's an improved repeat from 4 years back, but all in the best possible Christmas taste
and for 2013 I wish you all as much or more of what these midgets are doing in juicy smelly HD as possible.
dec 21st: if this is the last day of our calendar, we can do with some Armageddon. And click on the gates of hell there to proceed.
dec 14th: as preview for the masterclass page that should keep you breathless throughout christmas the weblog, provides you with food for thought an spiritual imagery by Michael Kirwan and Harry Bush.
dec 1st:another woorld aids day, reports on some long lost loves on my weblog, and sunday I continue there on my problematic relation with religion. Theme: we can only be tolerant towards it, once it accepts us.
nov 25th:As promissed, on occasion of the opening of the REX exhibition at MrB, Motzstrasse 22 Berlin, here's a download for masterclass members of the vidlecture I gave at Vrolijk bookshop last month weblog about his new book published last month by Bruno Gmunder.
nov 17th:this saturday the book 'Stripped', story of Gay Comics launch & cartoon will be launched @ Vrolijk gay bookstore amsterdam at 16h00 and some great original works will be auctioned. See weblog for details.
nov 7th:due to leatherpride Amsterdam, and the lecture at Vrolijk I run a week late, but there's a nice photoarty piece on the new db frontpage.
nov 1st:it's leatherpride in Amsterdam, as I mentioned earlier. On this occasion It may also be fitting to go see the amazing Andy Warhol exhibition in the New Church, next to the royal palace, Damsqare. Why this impressibe one piece exhibition is so fitting for this weekend, and for believers and non believers in whatever religion alike, I explain on the delftboys/queerart warhol gallery, for this special occasion moved from the subscription-only masterclass to the public access section ! So be quick about it . . .
after this week, only masterclassmembers will be able to see it here.
oct 26th:it's leatherpride in Amsterdam from november 1st till 4th. On that occasion I will do a video-lecture on the work of REX, thursday 1st, 20 hr. at Vrolijk homo/lesbo Bookshop, Paleisstraat 135 !
after it's done, masterclassmembers will be able to see it here.
oct 18th:here's the video report of the 2012 Tom of Finland artfair:

as always in 2 parts:

and a third clip reports on the artists reception.
oct 12th:a recent 'queery' about legend Brad Parker brought me back to the Clive or Brad Parker aka Ace Morecock overview, with some amazing new finds to top it of: creamy !
oct 1st:after an exhausting week around Folsom San Fransisco and the Tof fair in Los Angeles the db spash page focusses on one of the great icons, the 21st century almost missed. Luckily Bruno Gmunder, Mr.B, the Tof foundation, and we here are on high alert to remind all true pigs.
sep 28st:Often been told lately that I shouldn't be so judgemental towards the twinky monogamous ideals of a homoromantic lifestyle. I always counter with "I'll stop that as soon as the twinks don't judge and condemn me anymore".
To show I'm of good intentions here's an example of twinkish romanticism, I long lost faith in:
still, Steve walker is quite a good observer of the traditional Vermeer techniques
(wasn't he very bourgouis as well? and to top it of also from my hometown!)

also a Saint Sebastian page on tumblr.
and look at this camp decription of the Alexander Wood statue
at the corner of Church and Alexander streets in Toronto:
sep 24th:
nice extended interview with Nigel Kent in Amsterdam in 1997 in 2 parts
sep 21th:Coming week, do check my weblog, for latest about queer art in San Fransisco and Los Angeles.
sep 11th:Today is the start of the open art fair at Jaarbeurs Utrecht. See a preview of Mooiman, the only Dutch homo Galleries offering (at stand 26) and download free tickets at my weblog, valid all week until saturday.
sep 1st:Hooray, it's that month again: Travaling to California!
On occasion of the 17th Tom of Finland Erotic Art Fair in Los Angeles, Which I will once again attend (as well as the Folsom Fair in San Fransisco. Anyone for a fuck-date in either city? mail me), the db-splash page is dedicated to Tom and previous fairs.
The fair kicks off with a public reception for artists, collectors and all who enjoy art at TOM House on Laveta Terrace in Echo Park on September 28. Many new works from Tom of Finland Foundation’s (ToFF) permanent Collection will be on exhibit throughout the house for this spectacular opening party. It is also an opportunity to visit Tom’s attic studio, along with the rest of the three floors of this magnificent early 20th century residence / museum.
ToFF asks for a voluntary contribution of $10 at the door for the general public and $8 for non-Fair artists and current Foundation members.
The Fair opens to the public on Saturday & Sunday at Fiesta Hall in Plummer Park, located at 7377 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, California 90046. A suggested donation of $10 will be requested for admission to the Fair from the public (good for both days)
also just repaired the dead link to the kuifje 54th gallery and updated content !
also lost links in the extreme SM gallleries have been checked and repaired. The UK recently has lifted some old clauses of the obscene publications act, that almost sent a former aide to London mayor Boris Johnson to jail. Americans, do vote Obama, if you do not want to return to medieval christian values that oppose all but procreative sexuality and make depictions of adult consensual SM illegal (while of course leaving Hollywood in the clear to display all the bloodshed and gore it wants).
aug 21st:mate Ton of Holland was on the cover of ther cultral suplement of Volkskrant portraying the average visitor of the 2012 Lowlands Festival. See .
aug 14st:Great online exhibition tour about visions of the afterlife, where you can choose between routes through heaven or hell.
(I, unsurprisingly, like most homo-perverts, vastly prefered hell) Made by Getty center L.A.
aug 7st:during the olympics also daily sport-art entries at the weblog.
aug 1st:2nd olympic sports splash is up as delftboys frontpage. With new work of Michael Kirwan
jul 21th:surely movie making may now be a queer artform, but we focus on the erotic variety of which Lakolak is a most intriguing pioneer!
jul 15th:an all new 54th gallery is online dedicated to Kuifje, or as the French and Americans say TinTin !
jul 8th:local and international politics have caused me to lag behind in finalising an all new gallery; it's on it's way, but this week there was such a lot going on at the weblog !
jul 1st:new splash is up as delftboys frontpage. With the Olympics coming up, drawing attention to the homo-erotic side of sports
jun 22th:Got my video-edit of the exhibition announced below ready: when you click to fullscreen it gives a gorgeous overview of hedonistic Berlin seen through Ton's drawings.
Also watch Menne's interview with Ton, Pieter and visitors, about why NL has to work hard to keep up with the variety, stamina, tolerance of Berlin.
jun 12th:a special mention of the exhibition of my mate Ton of Holland, showing his observations last year of the Berlin Subculture, at Galerie Ramakers den Haag is opening this sunday 15 u. See anouncement on my weblog!
jun 7th:surely movie making has develloped into a queer artform, which only moves forward with trial and error, falling flat on its face as well as producing Oscar winners, which surely does not mean we'll remember boring winners like Brokeback or Philadelphia in a decade, so inluded here is the update of the db queerart movie top 70!
jun 1st:new fairytale splash is up at the delftboys frontpage. Also reminding everybody to make travel arrangements for the Tom of Finland artfair in L.A. now, as it's end of september sooner than you think!
may 21th:on the day the Ukrainian gay pride was cancelled because of threats and violence, let's point to an amazing native Ukrainian artists Kyril Fadeev, using refined watercolour and gouache technique, his works are full of symbolism with allusions to the origin of ancient erotic art. Now exhibiting at Adonis art in the UK, but he also did decorating of state buildings in Kiev.
may 10th:the 9-05 entry of the weblog shows drawings of Treasure Island UK videographer Liam Cole.
may 6th:this sunday I remember the shocking assasination 10 years ago of my inspiration, politician, lifestyle guru, querulant, superb rimmer, Pim Fortuyn on the weblog Also this liberation day weekend there's quite some art to be seen there.
may 1st:new art history splash is up at the delftboys frontpage.
apr 27th:My mate Ton of Holland has a drawing exhib in june called 'Berlin, es geht auch ohne' You can still sponsor his book and have your name printed in it. See 24-4 entry on the weblog.
apr 20th:working on a tat design for myself with legend inkdot artist REX, I felt it high timne to draw tat and bodymod art into the 21st century in a 2nd gallery .
apr 6th:a it is good friday, the
apr 1st:new db frontpage is online, themed by my ongoing weblog rant and clash with Dutch neo-ggristian justice
mrt 20th:Many of you know yout webmaster here has an eternal crush on Bavarian faggot monarch and art patron Ludwig II. Some vidclips on his castles went online at the 13-03 entry of the weblog.
mrt 10th:the modern art frontpage has gotten its in depth follow-up overview, sampling many celeb queer artists since 1900.
mrt 8th:the vintage-movie-style gadget I used to promote db/queerart content at the bottom of my weblog went out of service. For now I use a visual link to the delftboys frontpage, but anybody who can suggest a shattering script or flash moving alternative is welcome to a free db subscription.
mrt 1st:a new flash page, dedicated to the difference between queer and gay art is online.
feb 24th:on occasion of the new exhib of Lucien Freud at London's National Portrait Gallery some more works have been added to the modern gallery, if only to stress the point that only twinks as model can result in hot canvasses. An opinion that self absorbed naive species only hold themselves !
feb 16th:Don't know if I should call it general-artists or odds-and-ends gallery, but here is another one, featuring amongst otherssome rare Tom of Finlands, a bit of heritage of Martin of Holland, as he was not only into extreme sex, but also a vintage car addict.
Another multi-disciplin artist featured is pencil geek and Treasure Bareback filmer Liam Cole all new art 52!
feb 8th:Have been a long time fan and personal friend of Sean Platter. As his work is quite scattered on db, the 3 galleries are: Splat 1, Sean Platter 2, and, to stay in the smell of Martin to which this month is dedicated, I've overcome my personal hesitation of this ultimate perversion. My recent friendship with Rex and demonic seeding ceremony pig Nigel, as well as resentmnent of the true demonic leadership and guidance towards hell of the R.C.church helped me cross this bridge: The quite recent demonic scat special is extended here.
feb 1st:the Golden God awardpage, usual for februari is online.
jan 19th:Contemplating my next faggot-art-excursion to L.A. and San Francisco, I felt it wise to overview my vidclips of previous trips: discussion 27-3 2011, artist reception 26-3 2011, Getty Villa 2009, artfair itself 2011, fair 2009 day 2, fair 2009 day 1, artist reception 2009. Alexander the great exhib 2010 at Hermitage Amsterdam
jan 15th:art history highres updated and link corrected
and together with history HR2 and history HR3 we have quite a bit of our doubtful past covered.
jan 9th:a GLORIOUS day last friday, as the UK courts finally overturned the insane prehistoric obscene-publications-act, we have been fighting against with many Brittish S&M lovers since the infamous SPANNER case. An illustrated piece today, monday 9th, on my weblog.
jan 1st:more on Dutch politics in the new year in a new episode of Grumpy.
dec 28th:You may know of French gay-rumored painter Gustave Caillebotte
and his painting 'the Floor Scrapers'(1875)

Cyril Collard, on commission of Musee d'Orsay made a ballet clip inspired by it in 1988:
a year later he wrote “Les nuits fauves” (Savage Nights), in which he examined his bisexuality and his defiant (to some) irresponsible perception and handling of his HIV-positive status.
The movie version was released in 1992 with Collard himself playing the hedonistic protagonist:

He died age 35 from AIDS, just three days before he was to receive the predigeous César award for the movie and book.
dec 17th:here is the large all new general page you can take some time to study and warm your genitals to during the holidays . . .
dec 8th:One of the major art scientist of the world wrote a letter to the editor of the Guardian, a few days back. As much of it is valid for queer art as well I copied the gist of it to the db/queerart ediorial page.
dec 1st:You may have heard the once legendary artist-in-residence of Drummer and infamous NYC partyposter designer has moved to Amsterdam and has re-ignited his inkdot art carreer.
He already did a great spread in the recent (nr.22) issue of Instigator.
a Miniaturised sample added here:

he could do with a commission project or 2, so if you run a pervy club, organise events, and need posterart? get in touch pleez ?
nov 24st:am working on some true new content items for the festive month, but for now:
it's in 8 fractions on youtube.
nov 18th:deep sigh of relief: the delftboys.com server-change is done. I knew it would take me a lot of nerdy tech-communication, and it did take 5 days longer than promissed, but in the end they got it right, so now I can once again relax and focus on giving you guys luscious content.
nov 11th:layer updated .
The nameserver transfer proves to be more of a handfull than anticipated. I'll get it sorted eventually, but meanwhile the entire free content of delftboys.com (including november frontpage) is already online at this temporary URL.
nov 1st:the www.delftboys.com servertransfer will take place on or shortly after november 5th. If you find the entrypage dedicated to michael kirwan you're still on the old one; if you get to the november page on the eurocrisis and queer art history you're on the new one.
oct 24th:the grumpy column has gotten a kiss of life with a trio of caretakers just as fierce as Martin
oct 18th:more news about van Gogh: he did not commit suicide but was accidently killed by a gun of 2 kids playing cowboys, also see NL page.
the standard Delftboys entry pages will be moving server coming weeks.
If they may get lost for some hours, they can also be found at delftboys.org.
oct 9thThe loss of soulmate and fellow db/queerart foundation boardmember Martin urged me to scrutinize the section he moderated. As 1st result I found a page that was prepared, announced, but never really published: crap 4, focussing on the shitty 5th episode of SPlatters demonic comic
oct 1stjust mentioning the amazing book on the work of Michael Kirwan.
See coverart and details on this months coverpage.
sep 23nd:after my travels of the past years, the sculpture page was in dire need of an update.
mind you, due to the new art history page and the thesis posted there that the true 'entartete kunst' is what the vatican promotes and monopolised and sodomised to keep the priviledge of condoned child abuse to themselves. I remind you here of the gallery on Italian and German Fascist sculpture (1st sculpture page is here).

of course we will forever continue to combat the censorship and (yep heeeeavy wording) "American imperialistic export across the world of their christianity induced moralism that has double standards" when it comes to art brought by the clergy and art brought directly by homos:
In the coming months we're working on optimizing db/queerart for use on Android/I-phones, tablets and windows-8 without losing [rather expanding] highres HD-tv 1920 pixel width resolution with simpler layouts and navigation and more dickstirring content than ever
sep 17th:some male nudes by van Gogh added to NL page.
sep 9th:always kept a special place for the asshole poem of Rimbaud and Verlaine. (it's there on 4 pages with different art in 4 languages UK FR DE NL)
now a second one by Verlaine keeps it company in English and French
sep 1st:some more updates to the Alxander the Great page.
aug 23rd:
Having grasped myself together after the loss of art critic extraordinaire Martin of Holland, I decided to keep his grumpy column together with new contributions, produced in collaborations with some Amsterdam artists like Bernard and Rex. with a trio of caretakers I'm sure it will remain just as fierce as with Martin
aug 15th:after the renewed focus on the hightly questionable policies of the church towards art patronage,
let me point you to Simon Schama's documentary on Bernini (in 9 youtube segments)
In my opinion it's clear: the clergy leading the r.c. church were not only the main abuser of children, they also were champion of deviously blackmailing artists and twisting the artist's message to whatever suited their greedy immoral lust.
aug 9th:as online gallery designer I have often contemplated how to present certain catagories of work. So does the Getty, one of my fav haunts in L.A. (now has purchased the entire Mapplethore collection).
They now have an exhib on the history of museum design.
click image for details
First Room, First Façade of the Düsseldorf Gallery, etching. Nicolas de Pigage and Christian von Mechel,
La galerie électorale du Dusseldorf; ou, Catalogue raisonné et figuré de ses tableaux (Basel, 1778)
Regular db visitors may see the similarity of my early page design, wich included baroque-style artframes with the (neo)classic floor to ceiling painting exhib setup
aug 1st:after seeing the 'gay sex in the seventies' movie I just had to update Delmas Howe's stations, set at the New York City piers.
jul 22nd:adding to the previous entry, Fuck Yeah, Saint Sebastian is a gorgeous Tumblr gallery.
jul 16th:Don't know why I feel forced to do it, but our very existence seems to tainted by an eternal feud with every homo's arch-enemy, the church. So, another look at the heritage or art that we produced in centuries past that could be seen as perverse, often was declared illegal and was prosecuted in a 3rd highres history page.
jul 7th:Almost a decade ago I came across a driven Canadian artist that I placed somewhere in between Bastille and Richard Lucaks. I made a page on him that never got published, maybe because for some years he seemed disappeared. I refound him, and updated his page: James Huctwith
jul 1st:thumbnailing more and more becomes a function that is automated on social media. Nevertheless I stick to manual processing, which enables to focus on crucial detail. Did that with recent years' splash pages.
jun 29th:Been swept off my feet more than I thought I would by demise of my soulmate and fellow db/queerart foundation boardmember Martin. Sure need some work on rebasing my virtual social network. Almost forgot that I also went to the opening of the Tom of Finland exhibition in Groningen see the visual report on the june 10 entry of weblog.
jun 19th:after Martin's departure from our world there's a renewed surge of requests to the pass for his moderated section on db. To my amazement, the hellthumbs page pointing there via the special password routine contained an obsolete e-mail adres. That's corrected and the directory is updated.
jun 12th:I's done: Our soul mate, fellow db/queerart foundation boardmember, perv inspiration and role-model is no longer. Anybody wanting to be present on Martin of Holland's funaral, it's at Oud Eik & Duin den Haag, friday 13u00.
jun 2nd:recently found works added to Alexander the Great gallery
may 27th:A site I loved for ages is gaycomicgeek. Of course, like myself, he has been troubled a lot by censorship on the moralist social-media severs he used by all kinds of thought-police. He now has most of his explicit entries transfered to his own serverspace. I relinked to his demonic sex entry on dirt 4, dedicated to one my own most treasured controversial comix by Sean Platter, Demonic Sex Nr.5
may 20th:finished the 2nd stage of outlining a HOMO CANON.
may 12th:made a start of outlining a HOMO CANON.
may 2nd:not only a frontpage on Xavier, but also a new gallery on Mr. Gicquel
apr 23rd:another update of the murals gallery of Etienne this time with work 'in his style', from the Web Amsterdam darkroom.
apr 16th:update of the amazing cowboys page.
apr 7th:It took me a while because of what I mentioned about Martin, below here, but finally online 3 huge photo/video report pages dedicated to the ToF art fair of 2011
apr 1st:the said events with fellow homowebmuseum boardmember Martin of Holland: his fast growing brain-tumor and his inevitable end (no joke, although MoH would be able to pull a sick prank like that), has taken quite a bit of my time. We're working on his farewell message to fellow art-and-filthy-sex lovers here. Still, I did visit the Tom of Finland artfair. First reports are online at the weblog (april 7 entry and march 25 & 26) .
mrt 22th:2 more new finds in Bush 10 also some in Frey 4 and CU in LA (at ToF artfair and LA-leather)!
mrt 10th:got a report of access problems with the sailors and pirates page. It's fixed, as well as access to art36, as well as access to art37, art38 and art39.
mrt 1st:9 recently found works added at Harry Bush 9th gallery.
feb 23th:While we look at the changes in the Arab world, added a few superb samples of the work of Gabriel Morcillo Raya to far and near Asian art .
feb 12th:Some fanatics felt the need to wage war not only against Bernard, but also against this website. Rest assured: While we strongly contest any content on his pages or here should be considered trespassing the intentions of Dutch law, some of the disputed images that were online have been placed into safe-storage, for as long as the appeal case continues. Meanwhile all that remains on the Bernard page has been cleared by the prosecutor.
feb 7th:there is a follow up page on the february frontpage where I try to argue the case of our Golden-God award winner of this year somewhat further and illustrated it in a social historic political context (it's not as heavy as that sounds, but due to the highres imagery it is accessible through the masterclass.
It also gives access to his new website where he confronts the appeal-case with new fervour and gives you all an opportunity to help fund his case and yourself to his amazing artwork originals, large or small, as every little bit helps.
you all probably know google streetview. In the same fashion the google guys went inside 17 of the greatest musea of the world.

so now you can walk around in them and see many of their masterpieces up (very) close
at googleartproject.com
and if you come around in Delft I can give you a personal (partly live and partly digital)tour of all works of Johannes Vermeer and all the places were he worked, lived and died. Mail me for that.
feb 1st:In te past season the Secret Garden Foundation (supporting homosexuals in the arab world) had an exibition at IHLIA (Dutch homo archives, based at the new city library of Amsterdam) see the video:
they are now preparing a new exhibition; a photograper living in Iran has already been booked, but there still is room for other artists, so if you are one, get in touch with them or phone +3120 77 86 120 of +316 141 08 442
jan 21th:Been Chatting with Palanca in Peru. Go watch his weblog and buy some very reasonable superb original artworks from him directly.
Also booked my KLM world-deal direct flight to the Tom of Finland art fair march 25 till 27th . CU there
jan 16th:a new column has been added to the editorial page and the same sad message is also on our frontpage
jan 6th:one of my inspirations to delve into homo-erotic-art has been French editor/activist Didier Lestrade 'He has put some of his legendary extensive art cahiers from the early eighties, called Magazine, online. You can find them and browse trough them in many different ways and resolutions via todays entry of my weblog.
jan 2nd:due to the restructuring of the extreme page navigation a major update of one of the most heavy duty pages (close to me, being an active participant of this fetish): on bodymods .
dec 25th:Merry everybody: the link below to Warhol didn't work, but does now, further a lot of art to keep you warm at the weblog this weekend and a Xmas frontpage.
dec 21th:Have been making making fun of the insanity around religious fanaticism, Farizean blindness and superiority in religious authorities, Which also resulted in a collection of some amazing art with a religious connotation that urgently needed a dedicated gallery. What better time to release it than the Xmas holidays?
dec 18th:Anos Nemos works added to general 44
dec 12rd:Warhol update in his free access page
dec 12th:on occasion of his Hermitage exhib an Alexander the Great update in his highres. gallery .
dec 4th:not often I share a commercial page with you guys here, but on this snowy day I stayed under the blankets to jack with the gorgeous artwork of my friend Benoit Prevot (in pdf!)
nov 27th:3 completely new galleries saw the light this month; more than I managed any previous month, so this week I point you to all free content on the weblog (and the december frontpage)
nov 22th:there was a frey 6 gallery in my thumbs page, but that never really existed, it was a copy of Frey 3 but : there is one now with some recent finds!
nov 8rd:Got a sweet signed postcard of Trevor Wayne, but was in doubt if I should add it to the (also updated) body art page (not for the faint hearted!!!) or to the sailors page. But since the 1st already is overflowing, and I cannot risk drowning the landlubbers, I placed him with the sailors. Also due to the opening of the Maritime Museum sailors fashion exhibition in Rotterdam there's another refill of sailors and pirates. The vidclip report and more art/photos of that event are on the 23-09 entry of weblog!
nov 2nd: a photo report on the Mooiman Gallery at the A.A. Fair this tuesday and Halloween art at my weblog last sunday.
oct 25th:an update of the murals gallery of Etienne made earlier this year after my trip to the ILM archive in Chicago.
oct 18th:4 works added to one of the early heavy dury Willem Kok galleries.
oct 9th:completely new 48th general gallery (with some old friends).
oct 3rd:Due to the opening of the Maritime Museum sailors fashion exhibition in Rotterdam another refill of the sailors and pirates gallery. Also see the vidclip report and more art/photos on the 23-09 entry of !
sep 29th:pretty tasty and original paintjobs, on the bodies of naked dancers can be found in the vimeo movies of Karl Lakolak (Karlito): on show at the 16-08 and 30-09 entries of the weblog.
sep 15th:on occasion of his tv special of that weekend quite some Erwin Olaf on show at the 27-08 entry of the weblog. Many more of his works were already on show in the db foto art galleries.
due to the ever more powerful searchbots of google and the new way they handle image searches, some of the most controversial content that I had parked on a special webserver recently turned up in their searches. Some artists (very understandibly, as not all countries have legislation as tolerant as the Netherlands or Denmark) complained about that breach in security. This forced me to make a few changes, which in turn might make a few masterclass fetish pages and directory links temporarily inaccessible. All corrections should be finished by september 20th, and masterclass members will not notice any differeces by then (unless they have stored page URL's in their favorites). If you need to find your favorite page urgently, just ask.
sep 9th: have visited the stand of the only remaining queer art gallery in NL. An extensive photo report is at the 08-09 entry of the weblog.
sep 1st:completely new gallery on an artist who befriended Quentin Crisp, and features prominently in the movie Englishman in New York: the late Patrick Angus.
aug 25th:today is my birthday, but also on this day 165 years ago the late king Ludwig II of Bavaria was born, one of the rare but most treasured homo kings of this world. We all know how tragic his life ended, as sadly he had to fight his own troubled mind, his politicians and his family and of course the clergy. As many know I'm in total awe of his great theater, music and architecture patronage, so he deserves another tribute in the the weblog.
aug 12th:sometimes I do not point to new content here at db/queerart, but draw your attention to others' valued activities, like Tom Jones' publication of his private personal illustrated correspondence with the late great Harry Bush, restricted to his maillist members. Read on at todays entry on the weblog.
also a new column has been added to the editorial page.
aug 09th:an update of art 37 with some thoughts on possible future queer art development.
aug 2nd:all new general gallery in the clasic format most people still prefer here.
jul 25th:Bernard seems to be unable to defend himself in public, so I just have to do that for him, which prompted an update of his free access gallery
jul 15th:another reminder : the weblog is a free annex to db/queerart, not limited to narrowly defined drawn- or painted homo art but including (almost) daily entries on queer movies, music, dance, lifestyle, politics,fun and links to all worthwhile content in all these fields. Since january all content has been extended from 480 to 760 pixel width.
regular features:
sunday worship of the male body service, live from the church of the poisoned mind
monday music mayhem
wednesday movies
friday weekend options
and 3 more days dedicated to sports, politics, art, wanking material and trivia.
jul 9th:a reminder for the newcomers: you can always click back through the past years of the amazing frontcover pages of db/queerart if you look for the past month link on each page.
the same goes for more queer historic art on your editor's personal pages, where now you can see an hommage to the late Frank Frazetta.
jul 1st:lost and refound: Paul Cadmus gallery
jun 20nd:GMBA, a legendary art mailgroup was axed yesterday. Of course the moderators were kidding themselves, thinking queer culture was in safe hands with a commercial company, based in the land of the free, but dominated by intolerant extreme religious fanatics. Besides that, it is a fallacy to think that art can be free: all true art is battled out over long periods of time and can only be judhed and valued decades or centuries after it was conceived. Wgay is now considered important is filtered for you by investment advisors of bank managers. We all know at what value we should rate their judgement. Just as they rate the source country of queer culture: JUNK! For the moment only this non commercial group, based completely in Europe is the only independant art voice remaining.
a Small update with extra data and photos added on Steve Masters
jun 12nd:the visit to the leather archives and museum in Chicago prompted me to share the original murals of Etienne they salvaged from many leatherbars across the USA.
jun 2nd:An all new gallery, in the style tried 1st at the end of 2009.
may 26th:I've seen his work "in the flesh" when I last visited the musea along London's Southbank back in 2004, and although the photography is somewhat lowres you might like to watch Ron Mueck's amazing sculpture in a powerpoint show.
may 20th:sadly, loads of the energy we here could be spending on promoting our queer artist, nowadays goes into keeping our backs straight and stand tall and proud (as we used to be back in the seventies) to defend our legal rights against the ever more fanatic religious extremists. This is not just the case in the middle and far east or the USA, but also in a once tolerant country like NL. Under the christian run ministry of justice or tolerance is on the slide. The age of consent has gone up and with that art that was perfectly legal and consensual when it was made is now considered by some as: a danger to society. Bernard has to defend his work in court. If you want to support his case (as these legal costs are not covered by his insurance) visit his own site, and get a great piece of signed original art (no photoprint) in return. People in Europe can donate directly to his bank account (so Paypal, that does not want to process our homo art anyway does not get rich over his back).
may 12th:The vids reporting on the act of body artist Logan in Amsterdam on the april 8th weblog entry inspired a bodymods page update. Eh, not for the faint hearted!
may 2nd:Due to the design of an exhibition at the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam by my friend Ton of Holland I refilled the sailors and pirates gallery. Even music and animations are not excluded !
apr 25th:Recent events with clergy, drew me to add loads of religion inspired art on my weblog. This sunday I was forced to report onworrying events with the Bernard courtcase. Of course only masterclass members have access to what his work is all about
apr 15th:thumbnails updating is a cumbersome, delicate fiddly job and that 's why including new pages lagged behind over the past 2 years. They are a much appreciated way of finding your way around the ever expanding collection here. So that's why I've started to update the new additions
apr 7th:Martin, Richard and myself have started the Queer art review group. As many guys on the existing groups had a vey short fuse when we respectfully commented to improve quality of contributions to MAT or GMBA. Some became extremely rude and even accused us of being "Anti American", while nothing is a more outrageous accusation for Martin or myself, having visited The USA over 20 times and having dear friends at N.Y.C. L.A. Chicago, New Orleans, Washington State, and DC, Mineapolis, even Texas! We just were our open, in your face, direct, critical, Dutch selves. Europeans are quite used to our polder approach, we're even more critical amoungst our own folk; it's our way to learn and adapt fast! The group does not aspire to grow big; but rather has respected, authoritive, knowledgeable, creative critical contributor members then the masses. You also need to pass Martin's strict vetting, which requires you to share some details in the field about yourself. No, not on the size of your dick or taste of your asshole, but on your (hunger for) achievements in the field of queer art (appreciation). See details
apr 1st:had a look at the heavier Japanese and decided to give Lonsam a dedicated galery next to what was already on the regular 3rd japanese gallery.
mrt 17th:a reminder: you may have forgotten, Martin of Holland has a grumpy weblog on these premisses with quite a few recent entries on queer culture, politics and awful technology.
mrt 11th:Sometimes others do things better then you could ever do yourself. It's better to recognise this than trying to hide or deny that: it will hit you with a vengeange anyway: That's why I command you to see an Englishman in New York in full and enjoy the part about the great work of Patrick Angus from 26:00 till 43:40. quote: they all rather have us hide the bloodshed and gore of our sexuality and say nothing: the nothing that everybody can feel comfortable with.
mrt 7th:extra frontpage adaptation heralding the Tom of Finland Artfair.
mrt 1st:a 4th ultra messy demonic shit gallery is online here.
There will be a pre-announced disruption of the weblog, the Euromess pages and the Delftboys masterclass pages coming sunday from 18h00 till mondaymorning 06h00 (CET)
Roadworks in Denmark require unplugging of our servers essential glassfiber cables.
Hope masterclass members will be able to enjoy Oscar night and preceding/following red carpet shows instead. the Delftboys homepage proper and all FREE ACCESS pages come from NL and will not be affected.
feb 22th:no Valentine frontpage this year but we do have the golden god award to coincide with the oscars, here.
feb 14th:no Valentine frontpage this year at delftboys, but a special at the weblog.
feb 11th:an olympic art entry over at the weblog.
feb 7th:another fundamental (?!) essential (?!) entry over at the editorial page.
feb 2nd:art history highres update and an update of the Roger Payne stuff on art6
jan 24st:This can hardly be called an update; more a major overhaul of the main gallery of one of the most valued artists on this site. Im talking about the Hun a.k.a. Bill Schmeling.
None of his extreme works have been excluded here, so this gallery is not for the faintharted.
He is unrivalled and essential in a complete overview of the great heroes of our culture.
All works have lovingly and painstakingly been optimised from new scans by Martin of Holland.
jan 16th:quite interesting weblog entry about the home turf of the Tom of Finland Foundation.
jan 8th:Apart from the artists websites and professional archives I keep up with on the links page, there is a multitude of random, botcher entries without author details we seem to have to get used to on the gay art mail groups. But sometimes you come across someone who does take the trouble of going the extra mile in providing well researched details. Like Frounch. I just felt I had to give credit and point you to an interesting read (partly in French).
jan 5th:Interested in graffiti queer art and cruising in musea? Watch Keith Haring AVRO tv movie (if it works outside NL)
jan 1st:Happy new year! a Very entertaining page with lots of bareback art and vid clips here. (quite safe if you only watch)
dec 22nd:a full double sized christmas surprize package with all new content to warm you inside out during the dark days.
dec 15th:Maybe it does not show much in ass/cock/mouth leaking images, but I've worked my ass off to get a long term plan and financial support going to keep db queerart afloat during the recession and steer it towards long-term survival. The (illustrated) plan is online in Dutch an English from the editorial page.
besides that,
stay tuned for an amazing all new christmas double bill next week, to keep you hot through the dark days
dec 8th:the page on german pre WWII history has had a substantial update.
dec 2nd:Just saw 'Da Vinci and the code he lived by' on the History Channel. Thought you might want to see it too (9 parts on Youtube in Portugese with subtitles) or the 18 parts in English BBC series ?
nov 24th:collected some great teazerart for the upcoming release of my friend Sean Platter's Demonic 666 sex the movie.
note: this is a 1st in combining, classic draw- and paint techniques, with 3d animation and real live porn. If you have problems with bareback sex it may not be your thing.
nov 15th:loads of vids of the past 2 years of exhibitions at Mooi-Man Galery Groningen NL filmed my dear friend Menne Vellinga gathered together here.
nov 8th:some dead links on the previewart thumbs page have been restored, All of Bastille is accessible again without the complicated detour we had pulled up during the bleak Bush years.
nov 1st:after being flagged as infringing on the T.O.S. of youtube (unjustified, I might add, in my opinion) the video report clips on this spring's Tom of Finland artfair are placed online over at Vimeo:
1 artist reception 2 fair day 1 3 fair day 2
oct 24th:a heart felt editorial update.
oct 16th:Daniel Gross's work has been all over the place here, just something not so sexual by hom this time, but beautifully sentimental about 'times they are a changing' but some things do come around every so often. Like the recent remake of the movie FAME
oct 9th:another gut churning extreme artists update .
oct 1st:glorious all new 41st general gallery.
sep 22nd:New entry at Martin's grumpy rants.
from next month I will have stopped some of my quite distracting side activities, and focus on the core activity: reviewing and highlighting the cream of the crop in homo erotic art.
sep 16th:Watch the Mooi-Man open art fair stand build up last week in Utrecht NL.
sep 1st:On occasion of the Sailors theme on our splash page and because of the mooiman exhibition the Sailors and Pirates gallery is hugely extended.
aug 20th:On occasion of the elections in Afhanistan, I have a weblog entry today featuring 6 most apropriate artworks of Attila Richard Lukacs. Of course many more can be found in much higher resolution on his own site and a db gallery focussing on his homo erotic works is here .
aug 13th:reminder: sailors delight art exhib at Mooiman, last remaining homo artgallery in NL
aug 6th:update of Alexander the Great.
aug 1st:new gallery dedicated to Sailors and Pirates. Early coz of canalpride.
july 28th:Anybody going to Athens this summer ?
july 20th:Canal Pride Amsterdam this year is more overloaded with queer art then ever, both from elite and sub culture sources. See my selection of events to attend at the 18-06 entry of the weblog.
Also today, on the 40th anniverary of the trip to the moon, and the 90th birthday of the start of Dutch aviation industries by Anthony Fucker our own Space adventure from that era by Brad Parker
july 15th:Update of Chistopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy.
july 7th:Many activities drew me from the core activity of this site: to offer clean concise well presented overviews of the best and most remarkable our out-perv community has to offer, but I resisted! An all new delivery is here .
july 1st:Just 1 more mention of amazing dramatized documentary stuff from PBS:
on The Greeks (The Golden Age) in 6 parts, depicting the struggles between civilization based on democracy or on dictatorship and slavery (what's new?)
or Alexander the great, or the Kingdom of David. just as, intriguing . . .
Also: exhib of new work of Theo van den Boogaard at serieuze zaken
june 25th:just remember Andre Durand here !
june 15th:to improve the web presence, priority one is to be aware of your preferences, So please, could you find time to respond to this 1st survey ?
june 7th:The 2 homo art exhibs, I mentioned last week openen yesterday. Two impression vids: the 1st on the student poster exhibition in den Haag Spui subway station here and here in HD. The second one, in the prestigious Pulchri Studios is here and here (hd may load slower depending on your connection.
june 2nd:With 2 homo art exhibs close by, it's time to look at the local art niche. The blog entry of (25-04-09) reminded me of amazing work of sixties clear-line pioneer Theo van den Boogaard, He's been our most used front page artist: like 1, 2, 3 previous times, this hidden work, and a new summer db splash page too! So high time for a dedicated page!
may 24th:more amazing dramatized documentary stuff from PBS: on the 1st century of the Roman Empire. Yep, with Nero, Calligula, Augustus, Claudius, Tiberius and all the others, intriguing . . . arousing . . .horrifying
may 17th:he's this month's splash page: some works by AXEL are on the earlier art 33: amazingly fresh !
may 7th:another amazing dramatized documentary series: The Medici, Godfathers of the Renaissance, from PBS can be found in HD and in full episodes at youtube. It deals with the daring ideas of the family to no longer have blind faith in authority or church tradition but trust in and support for creative art and science, even if never tried before, even if challenging the powers that be, even if being accused of homosexuality . . .
may 2nd:Martin has told me time and again: the extreme artists needs an urgent update .
apr 24st:After seeing Simon Schama's superbly shot BBC 4 program on baroque about the feud between gay and superior architect Francesco Boromini and macho hetero Gian Lorenzo Bernini's colapsing bell towers of St Peter's in Rome around 1648 and the eventual suicide of Boromini and victory of Bernini, despite a bit of sodomy within St Peter, I give you my handheld camera views of the classic men/god-art at the Getty Villa at the pacific coast of Malibu Ca USA on youtube. Sorry for the shaking; I did not have BBC crew, nor is one allowed to use a tripod in there.
Further I found the above BBC program and more are online fully on youtube.
apr 12st:Some recent correspondence added on the community page.
apr 6st:Last month I was at the Tom of Finland artfair in LA, the one remaining true forum of perv culture (no it's not the pirates at a yahoogroup, who published the entire content of Sean Platter's life's ouvre in one go. I do hope in future we can all unite and get all of the creators working together with yahoo and google to make sure that other groups don't go the road of blatant piracy ) In the vids you can see preview shots of the upcoming next demonic sexs album: do go buy a legitimate printed version when it comes out, to keep Sean in business!
Sorry for blowing off steam, On a lighter note, at the 3-4 and 30-3 entries of my weblog you'll find a photo/vid previews of the fair. For sincere fellow art lovers informal impressions of the artist reception, day 1 and day 2 are online.
apr 1st:as this month is Willem kok memorial month, he died exactly 10 years ago, a new page was called for (plus a splash page).
mar 20th:got a nice hd video here that you wouldn't find on youtube: it's Falco's temptations of King Ludwig of Bavaria.
At 41 MB, do give it some time to load
mar 12th:though we never have been of the prudish persuation here, you might be flying somewhere and do some homework. Next to you, instead of an old lady that might be all smiles because of your tasty desktop imagerey, you have one of those nerdy 'gay twinks', that feels embarrassed and offended with all those tasty cocks on your screen, so a few new ones are added, that are perfectly suited for public work on laptops, and still give a hint as to where you're coming from (or going to): wallpapers for any situation.
mar 8th:yep, new: art 37.
mar 1st:new old Drum cartoons added.
feb 21th:coinciding with the Oscars, which hopefully will give some credit to the Milk movie, we always award a special homo erotic artist.
Yep, it's past Valentine's day again, so from today online our own Oscar: the Golden God award
feb 14th:Yep, it's almost Valentine's day again, here's a link to home cooked vidclips for the occasion . . .
feb 5th:Forgot this one by Matt. Updated now.
feb 1st:For those around Washington DC: the Dutch explorers began praising the beauty of the Hudson River Valley and founded New Amsterdam 400 years ago. Today, the National Gallery of Art in Washington opens a survey of Dutch street life, "Pride of Place: Dutch Cityscapes of the Golden Age." The exhibit, fresh from the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis in The Hague, chronicles 17th-century city living during the early economic heyday of the Netherlands. See a slideshow here, with 2 images of my home town, courtesy of the Wallstreet Journal. You may argue it's not so gay, but then, do read my weblog entry of november 25th '08 about the first gay trial by the Dutch in NYC, with artwork by Michael Kirwan. That's when it started to go wrong with equal rights in the USA. Thanx, my fellow countrymen!
jan 21th:another path we might explore deeper in the future: vidart.
jan 14th:The Prado in Madrid issued a worldwide press statement that they placed Jeroen Bosch's Garden of Delight online in high resolution. Sadly, the result is a collapse of their webserver. For now, you can still see the work here on db/queerart, or on google earth in a crappy window or fullschreen if you're willing to download the latest google earth.
personally, I feel the NL Rijksmuseum does a better job in unlocking their main treasures.
jan 8th:Now our basic cable provider (the same for him as for your's truly, webmaster here, as we live in the same area) has made another attempt to get their servers up to 21st century standards (9 years late, and their customer and help service is still abismal), Martin, filth master and db board member, has made another attempt to get a page he made himself online. Layout design still needs quite some work, but the content and wit is as you've learned to expect expect from a true cult founder. Go see for yourself. Of course this does not mean the end of his grumpy column here, nor will he relax his critical eye and dirty mind in scrutinizing content and spotting typos on db pages.
jan 2nd:first of the new design pages, dedicated to fucking.
dec 25th:Merry XXX mas, fellow perv-art addicts !
the last week of the year there are daily tasty surprises on the weblog
dec 24th:some of you have trouble finding your way inside the masterclass, and granted, over the years it has grown into a labyrinth that one can easily lose its way in. Some guys have even thrown out their own paths of pebbles (favorites folder) to the sections they like, but lots of you have thus forgotten there is quite a good start guide that can help you on your way to various as yet unchartered corridors and wings of this vast museum
dec 20th:A fully new page in the Christmas Spirit with a new optimistic feel for the year 2009
dec 12th:One of the pages I enjoyed updating most recently is the one called
"is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me"
dec 4th:Quite some impressive Cowan additions at the neoclassic gallery.
nov 21th:This came up, so a Warhol update.
nov 6th:sadly we have to report that legendary queer cult venue Vagevuur in Eindhoven indefinitely closed its door today after more then 30 years of pioneering queer culture. The most painful in this is that it was caused by the actions of the pathetic remains of a party that was set up by another pioneer of gay rights, Pim Fortuyn, assasinated in 2002. Even more sad, and a strategy lesson for us all, is that they started their own demise by kicking out the original fighters generation, so desperately needed now, as they thought: if we stay nice and sweet, nobody will bother us. The same mistake made by some jews before WWII. Sadly we are now the only conservers of their art heritage.
nov 4th:before continuing on a new general page I had to restore the previous art 35.
nov 1st:new entry at editorial.
oct 24th:Some serious political issues kept me from my update schedule. You can read about it on the weblog and also on Martin's grumpy remarks, but bear with us, as we still keep our eyes focussed on the prize: A serious overview of the most amazing erotica discoveries of these troubled times is in the making.
oct 17th:do have a look at the great Erwin Olaf pix on the 15th and 9th october entries of my weblog or see his exhib at the photo museum in Den Haag, if you can.
oct 14th:added some amazing pix of the most known inked porn artists to bodymod.
oct 8th:We had Jack Cowan work for ages on art 15, but it was high time for an update on the classic inspired page.
oct 1st:Thought hard and deep and discussed if it was a good idea, as a foreigner, to give an opinion about the US election and the Californian referendum on gay marriage. Ok, some americans may respond with "mind your own fuckin'biznis", but as USA policies also greatly infuence the rest of the world, I felt it wise to vent EU our concern, both on the db splash-page and on my private page, where you can also click back many months for lots more great works of art.
sep 29th:My friend and db-foundation boardmember had his Ning groups deleted. Well, maybe he should not have loudmouthed about hypocrits on other art-sites-groups, but what about freedom of speech? Of course he's not cut off the internet world entirely, coz he still moderates the extreme art section (in memory of Greasetank) here at db and he also let off some steam in his Grumpy old man column.
sep 21st:update of the second history page on the renaissance.
sep 14st:a small treat for the 'connaisseurs': the french, dutch, english and german pages on the asshole poem of Arthur Rimbaud have been restyled.
some more about rimbaud on the weblog.
sep 9st:one of the pages that needs to remain double on both the delftboys and queerart server was not synchronised and updated. The thumbs directory is reworked now
next both pages will be updated with newly added galleries.
sep 1st:long overdue update of the Fantastic Realists
aug 26th:Roscoe updated and new product links
aug 19th:Logan Underground pencil sketches; no language; in PDF
aug 12th:Has been a while since you got a fully new page here, but server relocating proves to be far more tedious then first estimated. Anyway, here's a new general 36.
aug 9tha new page on Bush Yeaaah!
not really (or, legal affairs and trying to do the right thing, and how we all suffer from the scavengers)
I've very strategically and subtly tried to point out that it is very disrespectful for the artist, even in this case, when he died in dire circumstances more then a decade ago (as if they'd care), when his friends and original suporters publish a high quality book at a very reasonable price, to copy the full content to a yahoogoup (gaytoons2). when you do, you get inundated with hatemail,( if not worse) and I am the bad guy, who prevents god-gift-to-gay-culture (the blasfemy in that . . .) to spread beauty to the masses.
With magazine publications you can argue (though not legally) that it is no longer on sale after a year, but with a book like this its quite different! Sadly this means I have to postpone a new Bush gallery here, and even state, that all material shown on the last one, nr 11, (some official promo material excepted, handed to me by the publisher) was already online before the book came out.
It's especially complicated, when it concerns the greatest american gay artist since WWII, and when he left no estate or heirs to protect his integrity or his legacy rights. Here again we all suffer because gay rights and relations were (and still are) not protected in most of the USA.
I guess all this proves this book is a gem, and you should get a copy, before it sells out; it's unlikely to be reprinted with gay art groups the way the are.
Mind you, I'm not waging a war on mail groups, only on the fact that their easy access makes them a safe haven for a lot of morons/bigots. They seem to be proud of their over 10.000 registered users. I'd rather have 10 % of that and be assured they are a bit more respectful to the artists and honorable art promotors.
aug 5th:Relocated and updated Benoit Prevot.
aug 3th:Just heard that Ron Hooks, the guy I knew as Greeastank, has just died.
He was a pioneer in (extreme) digital art and a corner stone in our network to fight hypocricy, intolerance, narrow minds and sensorship.
aug 1st:added some tasty works at Michael Kirwan 3.
july 25th:Relocated and updated Tchelichev.
july 21st:Quite a nice little summer escapade is online at the july 21sr entry of my weblog with some Tom of Finland grafix added to great music from the pre-aids era.
july 7th:For the 1st time in 5 years I cannot keep up with the regular updates due to the support I feel is needed in the Bernard case, and the fact that I'm filming for pig-prod, so I hope you'll excuse me and grant me some days off db-uploads. Meanwhile. Do keep informed about these events through the weblog. I'll be back with new content here before the end of the month.
june 12th:I've re-considered and reversed my decision to take the page mentioned offline. We're not living in a Christian and Muslim dominated police state (just yet) and I will do everything in my power to prevent any move in that direction, so to strengthen our resolve, the page has moved from the masterclass to a freely accessible section.
june 10th:for a change a db page has gone offline (temporarily I hope, on request of the artist and untill a Dutch judge has ruled on it). For details do read the entry of june 11th of my weblog.
june 4th:Relocated and updated Sean Platter 2.
may 25th:Relocated and updated Mike.
may 18th:Last week saw a great deal of news that distracted me from archive work at db: A devastating fire destroyed the architecture building I´ve worked in for 5 years, but most important was the crackdown of Dutch justice, with full support of our christian governement on an important catoon artist who used strong homo erotic and other extreme and sexual imagery. I considered it a sesious infringement on the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech, and even if it was insulting to the people targeted, Imprisoning him without trial is unheard of in our country. It's reported in my weblog.
may 15th:I'm relocating some masterclass folders to a different server without complicating access. All pages moving will simultaneously get updated. The first batch moved and updated are Logan, Patrick Fillion and art 35.
may 6th:Relocating masterclass galleries to a different server without complicating access, is a hell of a job, and requires a rethink of the access structure. Meanwhile the weblog is blossoming and delves into the politics of art and cultureclashes between Euro and Anglo homos at its new location.
apr 26th:The overflow of max allotted space at the queerart server was worse then I thought: Much more re-arrangement is needed. Which means a bit less new pages, but overhauling older ones as priority for now. But rest assured, the radar station for great new talent stays on full alert. For this last week of april I'm relocating the weblog, otherwise known as dankroomdiaries. A real nightmare as the log archive goes back to the early nineties, when I did not start off very systematically (still not much at that) to get rid of 65% of the bytes, I do have to filter out surplus and double files now.
I could also do with some more masterclass registrations,
so if anybody could put in a good word or link to db/queerart, I'd be grateful
apr 22th:as one gig after another gets added to the serverspace here, sometimes things have to be redivided over the servers. Always a pretty time consuming, tedious job.
To take my and your mind off, I chose for a little 'divertimento' in the form of a queer music top 40 (culture too) that you can use while your studying "art", on a new server !
apr 14th:a fully new various artists page again: nr. 35 !
apr 6th:Could not stand the modern art in an otherwise classic gallery so split modern off of HR history.
apr 1st:An update to the dedicated gallery on Benoit Prevot.
mrt 20nd:Some works of Lucien Freud have been added to modern art history HR.
mrt 14nd:Another 5 works added to Leonard.
mrt 6th:Review of the sebastian slides: some new images and restored links
mrt 2nd:A dedicated gallery on Logan.
feb 20st:a whole new gallery filled with drooling vintage modelpix.
and if you never noticed there were 2 an earlier ones?
feb 12th:another guy who finally got what he deserved for over a decade: a dedicated gallery for Logan
feb 5th:Until now I have refrained from changing the subscription price in US $. Despite the dramatic exchange rate development. Even now you can stay on the old price, but it will recur. One time registration for 2 months went up to $ 38.-
feb 1st:The special greasetank revisited page on "other extreme artists" has been updated. It is at the separate site, well known to masterclass members. (but if they lost the password they can ask again). This page however may go on a backburner in future as Martin has 2 groups dedicated to this artform: one for artists and one for all extreme sex afficionados, but you do need a valid Ning-ID with photo there.
jan 20th:Here we have a page that shows the development of technology and our site:
the top is just 800 pixel width, below it extends to 1200. Leonard updated again!
jan 12th:may not be a notice of new content, but nevertheless important to guys who want to keep up with developments here: an update of the editorial !
jan 8th:a fully new various artists page again: nr. 34 !
jan 1st:erotic art pioneer Jean Cocteau has had a dedicated page of his own here for years, I felt Pavel Tchelitchev could not stay behind.
I keep trying to improve and adhere to your wishes, time allowing.

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